Elizabeth Nevill

Father*George Nevill b. 1440, d. 20 Sep 1492
Mother*Margaret Fenne b. 1444, d. 28 Sep 1485
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Covert.
Married NameHer married name was Berkeley.

Edward Nevill

M, b. circa 1526, d. 10 February 1588
Father*Edward Neville b. 1471, d. 12 Jan 1538
Mother*Eleanor Windsor b. 1479, d. 5 Mar 1531
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationEdward Nevill was also known as Neville.
     7th Baron Bergavenny. Edward Nevill, de facto 7th Baron Bergavenny (c. 1526 – 10 February 1588) was a de facto English peer.

The son of Sir Edward Nevill, he was considered to have succeeded to the Barony upon the death of Henry Nevill, 6th Baron Bergavenny, his first cousin, although by modern doctrine he did not hold that title.

He married (1) Katherine Brome, with whom he had the following children:

Edward Nevill, 8th Baron Bergavenny (c.1550–1622)
Francis Nevill
George Nevill
Henry Nevill
Margaret Nevill
Grisel Nevill
Mary Nevill
He married (2) Grisold Hughes.1


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Frances Neville

M, b. 1519, d. 18 October 1599
Father*Edward Neville b. 1471, d. 12 Jan 1538
Mother*Eleanor Windsor b. 1479, d. 5 Mar 1531

Winifred Loss

F, d. before 1561
Father*Hugh Loss
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namebefore 1561As of before 1561,her married name was Neville.

Hugh Loss


Child of Hugh Loss

Elizabeth Bacon

F, d. 1621
Father*Sir Nicholas Bacon b. c 1543, d. 1624
Mother*Anne Cooke
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameMay 1578As of May 1578,her married name was Neville.

Sir Nicholas Bacon

M, b. circa 1543, d. 1624
  • Sir Nicholas Bacon married Anne Cooke.
  • Sir Nicholas Bacon was born circa 1543.
  • He died in 1624.
     1st Baronet.

Child of Sir Nicholas Bacon and Anne Cooke

Anne Cooke

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Bacon.

Child of Anne Cooke and Sir Nicholas Bacon

Edmund Whyte


Child of Edmund Whyte

Sir Henry D'Oyly


Child of Sir Henry D'Oyly and Jane Elwy

Jane Elwy

Father*John Elwy
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was D'Oyly.

Child of Jane Elwy and Sir Henry D'Oyly

John Elwy


Child of John Elwy

Henry D'Oyly

Father*Edmund D'Oyly of Shatsom b. 1570, d. c 1612
Mother*Catherine Neville b. 7 May 1570, d. 1620

Robert Buxton

M, b. February 1589, d. 17 January 1611

Child of Robert Buxton and Elizabeth D'Oyly

William Pert


John Buxton

M, b. 1608, d. 1660
Father*Robert Buxton b. Feb 1589, d. 17 Jan 1611
Mother*Elizabeth D'Oyly b. Jun 1591

John D'Oyly

M, b. 1592
Father*Edmund D'Oyly of Shatsom b. 1570, d. c 1612
Mother*Catherine Neville b. 7 May 1570, d. 1620
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationJohn D'Oyly was also known as Doyle.

Mary Dempsey

F, b. 1600
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was D'Oyly.

Francis Neville

M, b. 1568
Father*Henry Neville b. 1520, d. 13 Jan 1593
Mother*Elizabeth Gresham b. c 1524, d. 6 Nov 1573

William Neville

M, b. circa 1573, d. 1601
Father*Henry Neville b. 1520, d. 13 Jan 1593
Mother*Elizabeth Gresham b. c 1524, d. 6 Nov 1573

Elizabeth Neville

F, b. 1561
Father*Henry Neville b. 1520, d. 13 Jan 1593
Mother*Elizabeth Gresham b. c 1524, d. 6 Nov 1573

Margaret Farrer

Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name16 August 1596As of 16 August 1596,her married name was Neville.

Ruth Sylvia Gill

F, b. 2 October 1908, d. 6 July 1993
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name17 September 1931As of 17 September 1931,her married name was Roche.
     Ruth Roche, Baroness Fermoy, DCVO, OBE, (2 October 1908 – 6 July 1993) was a friend and confidante of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and the maternal grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Lady Fermoy was born Ruth Sylvia Gill at her father's house, Dalhebity, Bieldside, Aberdeenshire, the daughter of Colonel William Smith Gill and his wife, Ruth.[1] She showed early promise as a pianist and studied under Alfred Cortot at the Paris Conservatoire in the 1920s.[2]

Her musical career was cut short when she met, and later married in 1931, the wealthy and much older Edmund Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy. Before he died in 1955, they had three children which included her middle child, Frances Ruth (the mother of Lady Diana Spencer). Lady Fermoy did play the piano in public occasionally after her marriage, most notably with Josef Krips at the Royal Albert Hall in 1950, and with Sir John Barbirolli and the Hallé Orchestra at King's Lynn in 1966.[3] She founded the King's Lynn Festival in 1951 and remained closely involved with the Festival for 25 years, persuading Queen Elizabeth to become its patron.[4]

In 1956, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, appointed the Dowager Lady Fermoy an Extra Woman of the Bedchamber. The Queen Mother, being a widow herself, showed a preference for appointing widows to her household, and four years later Ruth, Lady Fermoy was promoted to Woman of the Bedchamber, a post she held for the next 33 years.[5]

The Queen Mother and Lady Fermoy became confidantes and it was largely supposed that they engineered the match between Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Fermoy's granddaughter, Lady Diana Spencer. However, when asked about it, Lady Fermoy remarked, "You can say that if you like – but it simply wouldn't be true".[6] It was also said that she counselled her granddaughter against the marriage.[7]

Lady Fermoy was a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage. In 1969, she testified against her own daughter's fitness as a mother, thus allowing Edward Spencer, Viscount Althorp to retain custody of their children after the couple's divorce.[2]

Lady Fermoy died at her home, 36 Eaton Square, London,[8] aged 84. It was reported that she was not on speaking terms with Diana when she died.[2]1

Child of Ruth Sylvia Gill and Edmund Maurice Burke Roche


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Frances Ellen Work

F, b. 27 October 1857, d. 26 January 1947
Father*Franklin H. Work
Mother*Ellen Wood
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Roche.
     Frances Ellen Work (October 27, 1857 - January 26, 1947) was an American heiress and socialite. She was a great-grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales, and her great-great-grandchildren include Prince William of Wales, Prince Harry of Wales, and the American actor Oliver Platt.

Born in New York City, she was a daughter of Franklin H. Work, a well-known stockbroker and protégé of Cornelius Vanderbilt, and his wife, Ellen Wood.[1]

In 1880 at Christ Church, New York City, Frances Work married the Hon. James Boothby Burke Roche, who would later become the 3rd Baron Fermoy. They had four children: two daughters Cynthia Roche and Eileen, and twin sons Francis and Edmund. Edmund later became the 4th Baron Fermoy, and was the grandfather of Diana, Princess of Wales. Frances divorced Roche for desertion in 1891, before he had succeeded to the barony. Her lawyer was Thomas F. Bayard, former United States Secretary of State.[2]

On August 4, 1905, the Hon. Mrs. Burke Roche married Aurel de Batonyi, a Hungarian-born riding instructor and society horseman. When he had immigrated to the United States on the Majestic in 1891, Batonyi claimed he was a count.[3] It was also suggested that his real name was Arthur Cohn.[4] Frances sued de Batonyi for divorce two years after their marriage, allegedly because her father threatened to disinherit her if she continued to live with her husband.[4]

She was a prominent figure in the New York City and Newport, Rhode Island social sets, and was friends with Mrs Reginald Vanderbilt. Her sister, Lucy Bond Work married Peter Cooper Hewitt, a son of New York City Mayor Abram Stevens Hewitt.

She died in the city of her birth at the age of 89.[1]1

Child of Frances Ellen Work and James Boothby Burke Roche


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Franklin H. Work


Child of Franklin H. Work and Ellen Wood

Ellen Wood

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Work.

Child of Ellen Wood and Franklin H. Work

James Boothby Burke Roche

M, b. 28 July 1852, d. 30 October 1920
     James Boothby Burke Roche, 3rd Baron Fermoy (28 July 1852 – 30 October 1920) was an Irish peer and a Member of Parliament (MP) in the United Kingdom House of Commons. He was the great-grandfather of Diana, Princess of Wales.

He was born at Twyford Abbey, Middlesex in 1852, the son of Edmond Burke Roche, and his wife Eliza Caroline née Boothby.[1] He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge.[2]

He visited the United States where he met and married the heiress Frances Work on 22 September 1880 at Christ Church, New York City. The marriage was not a success and they separated in December 1886. She was granted a divorce on the grounds of desertion on 3 March 1891 at Wilmington, Delaware.[3]

They had four children, twin sons and two daughters:

Eileen (b. and d. 1882).
Cynthia (10 April 1884 - 8 December 1966), who married firstly Arthur Scott Burden (d. June 1921) in 1906 and secondly Guy Fairfax Cary (d. 1950) in 1922. She is the matrilineal great-grandmother of American actor Oliver Platt.
Edmund Maurice Burke (15 May 1885 – 8 July 1955), who was the grandfather of Diana, Princess of Wales.
Francis George Burke (15 May 1885 – 30 October 1958), who died unmarried.[2]
In 1896 he stood as an Anti-Parnellite Nationalist candidate in the Kerry East by-election for a seat in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The Nationalists had split into two factions after the party leader, Charles Stewart Parnell was named as co-respondent in a divorce. Roche was supported initially by both the Parnellites and the Anti-Parnellites, until it was revealed that he was himself divorced. During the campaign, Roche denied publicly that he knew of the divorce or that he had deserted his wife and children.[4] Although he went on to win the seat, the opposing Unionist candidate gained the highest vote ever recorded for a Unionist candidate in Kerry East.[5] He served one term and did not stand in the following general election in 1900.

On 1 September 1920 he succeeded his brother as Baron Fermoy. Just two months later he died at Artillery Mansions, Westminster, London. He was buried at St Marylebone Cemetery, Finchley on 3 November 1920.[6]1

Child of James Boothby Burke Roche and Frances Ellen Work


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Stephen Poyntz


Child of Stephen Poyntz

Thomas I of Saluzzo

M, d. 1296
Father*Manfred III of Saluzzo d. 1244
     Thomas I (died 1296) was the fourth margrave of Saluzzo from 1244 to his death. He succeeded his father Manfred III.

Under the reign of Thomas, Saluzzo blossomed, achieving a greatness which had eluded his ancestors. He crafted a state the borders of which remained unchanged for over two centuries. He extended the march to include Carmagnola. He was often at odds with Asti and he was a prime enemy of the Charles of Anjou and his Italian pretentions. During his tenure, he made Saluzzo a free city, giving it a podestà to govern in his name. He defended his castles and roccaforti (strongholds) vigorously and built many new ones in the cities.

He was succeeded by his son Manfred. Thomas also had a daughter, Alice of Saluzzo, who married Richard Fitzalan, 8th Earl of Arundel.1

Child of Thomas I of Saluzzo


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