Walter Marshal

M, b. before 1141
Father*John FitzGilbert the Marshal b. c 1105, d. 1165
Mother*Aline Pipard

Henry Marshal

M, b. after 1146
Father*John FitzGilbert the Marshal b. c 1105, d. 1165
Mother*Sibyl of Salisbury

Ancel Marshal

M, b. after 1146
Father*John FitzGilbert the Marshal b. c 1105, d. 1165
Mother*Sibyl of Salisbury

Walter of Salisbury


Children of Walter of Salisbury and Sibilla de Chaworth

Sibilla de Chaworth

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was of Salisbury.

Children of Sibilla de Chaworth and Walter of Salisbury

Patrick of Salisbury

M, b. circa 1122, d. 1168
Father*Walter of Salisbury
Mother*Sibilla de Chaworth
     Patrick of Salisbury, 1st Earl of Salisbury (c. 1122 - 1168) was an Anglo-Norman nobleman, and the uncle of the famous William Marshal.

His parents were Walter of Salisbury and Sibilla de Chaworth.[1] Before 1141, Patrick was constable of Salisbury, a powerful local official but not a nobleman. That year, Patrick married his sister to John fitzGilbert the Marshal, who had been a local rival of his, and transferred his allegiance from King Stephen to the Empress Matilda. This political move gained him his earldom, and the friendship of John the Marshal, who was to send his younger son William to stay with him. It was in his household where the famous Marshal first learned about knighthood.

The Earl of Salisbury also minted his own coins, struck in the county town of Salisbury during the so called "baronial issues" of 1135-1153. Only four examples have survived, three of which are in the Conte collection.

Patrick married twice,[2] his second wife being Ela, daughter of William III Talvas, Duke of Alençon and Ponthieu, whom he married in 1149. They had a son, William in about 1150[1] and three others, including Walter and Philip.[2]

He was killed at Poitiers, France on March 27, 1168 in an ambush by forces of Guy of Lusignan.[1]1


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Hugh IX de Lusignan

Father*Hugh VIII de Lusignan b. c 1141, d. 1169
Mother*Orengarde (?)
     Hugh IX the Brown of Lusignan (1163 or 1168 – 5 November 1219)[1] was the grandson of Hugh VIII. His father, also Hugh (b. c. 1141), was the co-seigneur of Lusignan from 1164, marrying a woman named Orengarde before 1162 or about 1167 and dying in 1169. Hugh IX became seigneur of Lusignan in 1172, seigneur of Couhe and Chateau-Larcher in the 1190s, and Count of La Marche (as Hugh IV) by marriage in 1203. Hugh IX died on the Fifth Crusade at Damietta on 5 November 1219.

Hugh IX is mentioned under the pseudonym Maracdes ("Emerald") in two poems by the troubadour Gaucelm Faidit, according to the Occitan razós to these poems.

His first wife was Agathe de Preuilly, daughter of Peter (Pierre) II de Preuilly and Aenor de Mauleon. Their marriage was annulled in 1189. His second wife, married c. 1189, was Mathilde of Angoulême (1181 – 1233), daughter of Wulgrim III, Count of Angouleme and Count of La Marche (brother of count Aymer/Adhemar Taillifer). He had two known children:

Hugh X of Lusignan. Although traditionally given as son of Matilde, he married Isabella of Angoulême, her first cousin. Since such a marriage would have been within prohibited degrees, it has been deduced that he was son of Agathe.
Agathe of Lusignan, married c. 1220 Geoffroi V Seigneur de Pons.1

Child of Hugh IX de Lusignan


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Hugh VIII de Lusignan

M, b. circa 1141, d. 1169
  • Hugh VIII de Lusignan was born circa 1141.
  • He married Orengarde (?) circa 1162.
  • Hugh VIII de Lusignan died in 1169.

Children of Hugh VIII de Lusignan and Orengarde (?)

Orengarde (?)

Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namecirca 1162As of circa 1162,her married name was de Lusignan.

Alice De Bohun

Father*Humphrey IV De Bohun b. c 1208, d. 24 Sep 1275
Mother*Maud de Lusignan b. 1210, d. 14 Aug 1241
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was de Toeni.

Child of Alice De Bohun and Roger V de Toeni

Roger V de Toeni


Child of Roger V de Toeni and Alice De Bohun

Walter Marshal

M, b. 1196, d. 24 November 1245
Father*William Marshal b. 1146, d. 14 May 1219
Mother*Isabel de Clare b. 1172, d. 1220
     Walter Marshal, 5th Earl of Pembroke (1196 – 24 November 1245), was the fourth son of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Isabel de Clare, 4th Countess of Pembroke who succeeded his childless brother Gilbert as the 5th Earl of Pembroke and Earl Marshal of England in 1242 a year after the latter's death. He also held the titles of Lord of Striguil and Lord of Leinster.

Walter was born in 1196, the fourth son and one of the ten children of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Isabel de Clare, 4th Countess of Pembroke suo jure. His mother was the only surviving legitimate child of Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, known to history as "Strongbow" and Aoife of Leinster, therefore she was one of the wealthiest heiresses in the kingdom when she married Walter's father. Upon William Marshal's death in 1219, the earldom passed in succession to Walter's three elder brothers, William, Richard, and Gilbert, all of whom died childless. The latter was killed at a tournament on 27 June 1241[1] when his horse threw him and his foot caught in the stirrups. He was dragged for some distance and died of his injuries.[2]Walter was present at the tournament, therefore had witnessed his brother's death.[3] As Gilbert had just one illegitimate daughter Isabel by an unknown mistress, Walter became the next earl of Pembroke. He did not succeed to his titles until 1242 due to King Henry III's anger towards Walter for having disobeyed royal orders which had forbidden tournaments on the grounds that he did not want any of his subjects killing one another in sport.[4] Walter who had attended the tournament which had killed Gilbert shared in his brother's guilt, so had to wait a year before he was invested with the earldom and hereditary post of Earl Marshal. That same year he accompanied King Henry to Gascony.

On 6 January 1242 Walter married Margaret de Quincy, Countess of Lincoln suo jure, the wealthy widow of John de Lacy, 1st Earl of Lincoln and the mother of two children. Margaret did not bear Walter any children, and when he died suddenly at Goodrich Castle on 24 November 1245, the earldom passed to his younger brother, Anselm Marshal, 6th Earl of Pembroke, who followed him to the grave a month later. Like his four elder brothers, Anselm was also childless. Walter's widow, Margaret received a dower third from the Pembroke earldom and lordships, and as such she controlled most of the extensive Pembroke estates as her third outweighed the individual holdings of the 13 different co-heirs of his five sisters.

Walter Marshal was buried at Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire.1


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Ralph VII de Toeni

M, b. 1255, d. 1295
Father*Roger V de Toeni
Mother*Alice De Bohun

Children of Ralph VII de Toeni and Mary (?)

Mary (?)

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was de Toeni.

Children of Mary (?) and Ralph VII de Toeni

Robert de Toeni

M, b. 4 April 1276, d. 1309
Father*Ralph VII de Toeni b. 1255, d. 1295
Mother*Mary (?)

Thomas Leybourne

M, d. May 1307
Father*Sir William Leybourne

Sir William Leybourne


Child of Sir William Leybourne

Isabel De Clare

F, b. 10 March 1262, d. 1333
Father*Gilbert De Clare b. 2 Sep 1243, d. 7 Dec 1295
Mother*Alice de Lusignan b. a Oct 1236, d. May 1290
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namebefore 1310As of before 1310,her married name was de Beauchamp.

Hugh XI de Lusignan

M, b. 1221, d. 6 April 1250
Father*Hugh X de Lusignan d. c 5 Jun 1249
Mother*Isabella of Angoulême b. 1188, d. 31 May 1246

Child of Hugh XI de Lusignan and Yolande de Dreux

Yolande de Dreux

F, b. 1218, d. 10 October 1272
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameJanuary 1236As of January 1236,her married name was de Lusignan.

Child of Yolande de Dreux and Hugh XI de Lusignan

Thomas de Stafford

M, b. circa 1368, d. 4 July 1392
Father*Sir Hugh Stafford
Mother*Philippa de Beauchamp b. b 1344, d. 6 Apr 1386

Sir William Bourchier


Child of Sir William Bourchier and Alianore de Lovayne

Alianore de Lovayne

F, b. 27 March 1345, d. 5 October 1397
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Bourchier.
  • Alianore de Lovayne married Sir William Bourchier.
  • Alianore de Lovayne was born on 27 March 1345.
  • She died on 5 October 1397 at age 52.

Child of Alianore de Lovayne and Sir William Bourchier

Thomas Bourchier

M, b. circa 1404, d. 30 March 1486
Father*William Bourchier b. 1386, d. 28 May 1420
Mother*Anne of Woodstock

Eleanor Bourchier

F, b. circa 1417, d. November 1474
Father*William Bourchier b. 1386, d. 28 May 1420
Mother*Anne of Woodstock
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was de Mowbray.

Isabel Plantagenet

F, b. 1409, d. 2 October 1484
Father*Richard of England b. 1376, d. 5 Aug 1415
Mother*Anne Mortimer
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationIsabel Plantagenet was also known as of York.
Married Namebefore 1426As of before 1426,her married name was Bourchier.

Child of Isabel Plantagenet and Henry Bourchier

Anne Woodville

F, b. circa 1438, d. 30 July 1489
Father*Richard Woodville
Mother*Jacquetta of Luxembourg b. c 1416, d. 30 May 1472
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namebefore 15 August 1467As of before 15 August 1467,her married name was Bourchier.

Child of Anne Woodville and William Bourchier

William Bourchier

Father*Henry Bourchier b. 1404, d. 4 Apr 1483
Mother*Isabel Plantagenet b. 1409, d. 2 Oct 1484

Child of William Bourchier and Anne Woodville

Henry Bourchier

M, d. 13 March 1540
Father*William Bourchier
Mother*Anne Woodville b. c 1438, d. 30 Jul 1489
     Henry Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Essex KG PC (died 13 March 1540) was an English peer at the courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII. He married Mary Say, and his daughter was Anne Bourchier, Countess of Essex.

Bourchier was the son of William Bourchier, Viscount Bourchier and Anne Woodville. Through his mother, he was the nephew of Elizabeth Woodville, queen consort to Edward IV and in 1483, due to the death of his grandfather Henry Bourchier, 1st Earl of Essex, he inherited the earldom.

Bourchier was a member of Henry VII's privy council and when Henry VIII became king, he was made captain of the new bodyguard, and in 1513 was lieutenant-general of the spears in Therouanne and Tournai. In 1540, he broke his neck after falling from his horse and died. His barony was inherited by his daughter, who was separated from her husband, William Parr, brother of Katherine Parr, who was later created earl of Essex.[1]1


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Adelisa de Savona

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was de Toeni.
Married NameHer married name was de Tosny.

Child of Adelisa de Savona and Robert de Toeni