Robert Hungerford II

M, b. before 1429, d. 18 May 1464
Father*Sir Robert Hungerford b. c 1410, d. 18 May 1459
Mother*Lady Margaret de Botreaux b. b 1422

Child of Robert Hungerford II and Alianor Molines

Alianor Molines

F, b. 11 June 1426, d. 1476
Father*Sir William Molines
Mother*Anne Whalesborough
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namebefore 5 November 1440As of before 5 November 1440,her married name was Hungerford.

Child of Alianor Molines and Robert Hungerford II

Sir William Molines


Child of Sir William Molines and Anne Whalesborough

Anne Whalesborough

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Molines.

Child of Anne Whalesborough and Sir William Molines

Alice Hungerford

F, b. circa 1439
Father*Robert Hungerford II b. b 1429, d. 18 May 1464
Mother*Alianor Molines b. 11 Jun 1426, d. 1476
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationAlice Hungerford was also known as Eleanor.
Married Namecirca 1452As of circa 1452,her married name was White.

Child of Alice Hungerford and John White II

John White II

M, b. circa 1422, d. 1462

Child of John White II and Alice Hungerford

Robert White II

M, b. circa 1456
Father*John White II b. c 1422, d. 1462
Mother*Alice Hungerford b. c 1439

Child of Robert White II and Margaret Gaynsford

Margaret Gaynsford

F, b. circa 1457
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1467As of 1467,her married name was White.

Child of Margaret Gaynsford and Robert White II

Robert White III

M, b. circa 1475
Father*Robert White II b. c 1456
Mother*Margaret Gaynsford b. c 1457

Child of Robert White III and Elizabeth Inglefield

Elizabeth Inglefield

F, b. circa 1478
Father*Thomas Inglefield
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1489As of 1489,her married name was White.

Child of Elizabeth Inglefield and Robert White III

Thomas Inglefield


Child of Thomas Inglefield

Thomas White

M, b. circa 1490, d. before 1549
Father*Robert White III b. c 1475
Mother*Elizabeth Inglefield b. c 1478

Child of Thomas White and Agnes White

Agnes White

F, b. circa 1495, d. before 1549
Father*Robert White
Mother*(?) Welles

Child of Agnes White and Thomas White

Robert White


Child of Robert White and (?) Welles

(?) Welles

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was (?) White.

Child of (?) Welles and Robert White

Richard White

M, b. circa 1519, d. 6 May 1578
Father*Thomas White b. c 1490, d. b 1549
Mother*Agnes White b. c 1495, d. b 1549

Child of Richard White and Helen Kirston

Helen Kirston

F, b. circa 1523, d. 22 August 1596
Father*Stephen Kirston
Mother*Margaret Offley
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationHelen Kirston was also known as Ellen.
Married Namecirca 1540As of circa 1540,her married name was White.

Child of Helen Kirston and Richard White

Stephen Kirston


Child of Stephen Kirston and Margaret Offley

Margaret Offley

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Kirston.

Child of Margaret Offley and Stephen Kirston

Robert White IV

M, b. circa 1542, d. 7 September 1600
Father*Richard White b. c 1519, d. 6 May 1578
Mother*Helen Kirston b. c 1523, d. 22 Aug 1596

Child of Robert White IV and Alice Wright

Alice Wright

F, b. 1542, d. 22 August 1596
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1561As of 1561,her married name was White.

Child of Alice Wright and Robert White IV

Robert White V

M, b. 24 June 1561, d. circa 17 June 1617
Father*Robert White IV b. c 1542, d. 7 Sep 1600
Mother*Alice Wright b. 1542, d. 22 Aug 1596

Child of Robert White V and Bridget Allgar

Bridget Allgar

F, b. 11 March 1561, d. after 24 June 1605
Father*William Allgar IV
Mother*Margaret Ann Parye
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name24 June 1585As of 24 June 1585,her married name was White.

Child of Bridget Allgar and Robert White V

William Allgar IV


Child of William Allgar IV and Margaret Ann Parye

Margaret Ann Parye

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Allgar.

Child of Margaret Ann Parye and William Allgar IV

Anna Rose White

F, b. circa 13 July 1600, d. 21 April 1648
Father*Robert White V b. 24 Jun 1561, d. c 17 Jun 1617
Mother*Bridget Allgar b. 11 Mar 1561, d. a 24 Jun 1605
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationAnna Rose White was also known as Rose.
Married Name18 October 1620As of 18 October 1620,her married name was Porter.

Child of Anna Rose White and John Porter

Mary Porter

F, b. 1 October 1637, d. 16 December 1681
Father*John Porter b. 1594, d. 1648
Mother*Anna Rose White b. c 13 Jul 1600, d. 21 Apr 1648
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name27 May 1656As of 27 May 1656,her married name was Grant.
  • Mary Porter was born on 1 October 1637.
  • She was the daughter of John Porter and Anna Rose White.
  • Mary Porter married Samuel Grant on 27 May 1656.
  • Mary Porter died on 16 December 1681 at age 44.

Child of Mary Porter and Samuel Grant

Samuel Grant

M, b. 12 November 1631, d. 10 September 1718

Child of Samuel Grant and Mary Porter

Samuel Grant Jr.

M, b. 20 April 1659, d. 8 May 1710
Father*Samuel Grant b. 12 Nov 1631, d. 10 Sep 1718
Mother*Mary Porter b. 1 Oct 1637, d. 16 Dec 1681

Child of Samuel Grant Jr. and Grace Miner

Grace Miner

F, b. 20 September 1670, d. 16 April 1753
Father*John Miner b. 1635, d. 1719
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name11 April 1688As of 11 April 1688,her married name was Grant.

Child of Grace Miner and Samuel Grant Jr.