Robert White IV

M, b. circa 1542, d. 7 September 1600
Father*Richard White b. c 1519, d. 6 May 1578
Mother*Helen Kirston b. c 1523, d. 22 Aug 1596

Child of Robert White IV and Alice Wright

Alice Wright

F, b. 1542, d. 22 August 1596
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1561As of 1561,her married name was White.

Child of Alice Wright and Robert White IV

Robert White V

M, b. 24 June 1561, d. circa 17 June 1617
Father*Robert White IV b. c 1542, d. 7 Sep 1600
Mother*Alice Wright b. 1542, d. 22 Aug 1596

Child of Robert White V and Bridget Allgar

Bridget Allgar

F, b. 11 March 1561, d. after 24 June 1605
Father*William Allgar IV
Mother*Margaret Ann Parye
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name24 June 1585As of 24 June 1585,her married name was White.

Child of Bridget Allgar and Robert White V

William Allgar IV


Child of William Allgar IV and Margaret Ann Parye

Margaret Ann Parye

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Allgar.

Child of Margaret Ann Parye and William Allgar IV

Anna Rose White

F, b. circa 13 July 1600, d. 21 April 1648
Father*Robert White V b. 24 Jun 1561, d. c 17 Jun 1617
Mother*Bridget Allgar b. 11 Mar 1561, d. a 24 Jun 1605
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationAnna Rose White was also known as Rose.
Married Name18 October 1620As of 18 October 1620,her married name was Porter.

Child of Anna Rose White and John Porter

Mary Porter

F, b. 1 October 1637, d. 16 December 1681
Father*John Porter b. 1594, d. 1648
Mother*Anna Rose White b. c 13 Jul 1600, d. 21 Apr 1648
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name27 May 1656As of 27 May 1656,her married name was Grant.
  • Mary Porter was born on 1 October 1637.
  • She was the daughter of John Porter and Anna Rose White.
  • Mary Porter married Samuel Grant on 27 May 1656.
  • Mary Porter died on 16 December 1681 at age 44.

Child of Mary Porter and Samuel Grant

Samuel Grant

M, b. 12 November 1631, d. 10 September 1718

Child of Samuel Grant and Mary Porter

Samuel Grant Jr.

M, b. 20 April 1659, d. 8 May 1710
Father*Samuel Grant b. 12 Nov 1631, d. 10 Sep 1718
Mother*Mary Porter b. 1 Oct 1637, d. 16 Dec 1681

Child of Samuel Grant Jr. and Grace Miner

Grace Miner

F, b. 20 September 1670, d. 16 April 1753
Father*John Miner b. 1635, d. 1719
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name11 April 1688As of 11 April 1688,her married name was Grant.

Child of Grace Miner and Samuel Grant Jr.

Noah Grant

M, b. 11 December 1693, d. 10 October 1727
Father*Samuel Grant Jr. b. 20 Apr 1659, d. 8 May 1710
Mother*Grace Miner b. 20 Sep 1670, d. 16 Apr 1753

Child of Noah Grant and Martha Huntington

Martha Huntington

F, b. 6 December 1696, d. 26 August 1779
Father*(?) Huntington
Mother*Abigail Lathrop b. 1665, d. 1745
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Grant.

Child of Martha Huntington and Noah Grant

Captain Noah Grant Jr.

M, b. 12 July 1719, d. 1756
Father*Noah Grant b. 11 Dec 1693, d. 10 Oct 1727
Mother*Martha Huntington b. 6 Dec 1696, d. 26 Aug 1779

Child of Captain Noah Grant Jr. and Susannah Delano

Susannah Delano

F, b. 23 June 1724, d. 16 August 1806
Father*Jonathon Delano Jr. b. 1680, d. 1752
Mother*Amy Hatch b. 1687, d. 1762
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name5 November 1746As of 5 November 1746,her married name was Grant.

Child of Susannah Delano and Captain Noah Grant Jr.

Amy Hatch

F, b. 1687, d. 1762
Father*Joseph Hatch b. 1654, d. 1738
Mother*Amy Allen b. 1663, d. 1709
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Delano.

Children of Amy Hatch and Jonathon Delano Jr.

Captain Noah Grant III

M, b. 20 June 1748, d. 14 February 1819
Father*Captain Noah Grant Jr. b. 12 Jul 1719, d. 1756
Mother*Susannah Delano b. 23 Jun 1724, d. 16 Aug 1806

Child of Captain Noah Grant III and Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly

F, b. circa 1772, d. 10 April 1805
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name4 March 1792As of 4 March 1792,her married name was Grant.

Child of Rachel Kelly and Captain Noah Grant III

Jesse Root Grant

M, b. 23 January 1794, d. 29 June 1873
Father*Captain Noah Grant III b. 20 Jun 1748, d. 14 Feb 1819
Mother*Rachel Kelly b. c 1772, d. 10 Apr 1805

Child of Jesse Root Grant and Hannah Simpson

Hannah Simpson

F, b. 23 November 1798, d. 11 May 1883
Father*(?) Simpson
Mother*Rebecca Weir b. 1770, d. 1801
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name24 June 1820As of 24 June 1820,her married name was Grant.

Child of Hannah Simpson and Jesse Root Grant

President Ulysses Simpson Grant

M, b. 27 April 1822, d. 23 July 1885
President Ulysses S. Grant
Father*Jesse Root Grant b. 23 Jan 1794, d. 29 Jun 1873
Mother*Hannah Simpson b. 23 Nov 1798, d. 11 May 1883
     Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant)[1] (April 27, 1822 – July 23, 1885) served as the 18th President of the United States from 1869 to 1877. As general-in-chief of the Union Army during the American Civil War, he led the North to victory against the Confederate States in the Civil War.

Following his graduation from the United States Military Academy in 1843, Grant served as a lieutenant in the Mexican–American War from 1846 to 1848.[1][2] After he had resigned from the army in 1854, he struggled to make a living and worked as a real estate agent, laborer and county engineer.[1][3][4] In 1861, he joined the Northern effort in the Civil War.[5] Rapidly earning a reputation as one of the North's most aggressive generals Grant rose quickly through the ranks. He was appointed lieutenant general by President Abraham Lincoln in 1864.[6] He implemented a strategy of simultaneous attacks aimed at destroying the South's military and its economy.[7] In 1865, after mounting a successful war of attrition against the Confederacy, he accepted the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House.[1]

Enormously popular after the Union's victory, Grant was elected to the presidency in 1868. Reelected in 1872, he became the first president to serve two full terms since Andrew Jackson did so 40 years earlier.[8] As president, Grant led Reconstruction by signing and enforcing civil rights laws. He helped rebuild the Republican Party in the South, an effort which resulted in the election of African Americans to Congress and state governments for the first time.1


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Julia Boggs Dent

Father*Colonel Frederick Dent
Mother*Ellen Bray Wrenshall
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name22 August 1848As of 22 August 1848,her married name was Grant.

Colonel Frederick Dent


Child of Colonel Frederick Dent and Ellen Bray Wrenshall

Ellen Bray Wrenshall

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Dent.

Child of Ellen Bray Wrenshall and Colonel Frederick Dent

John Miner

M, b. 1635, d. 1719
Father*Thomas Miner b. 1608, d. 1690
  • John Miner was born in 1635.
  • He was the son of Thomas Miner.
  • John Miner died in 1719.

Children of John Miner

Thomas Miner

M, b. 1608, d. 1690
Father*Clement Miner b. 1585, d. 1640
  • Thomas Miner was born in 1608.
  • He was the son of Clement Miner.
  • Thomas Miner died in 1690.

Child of Thomas Miner

Clement Miner

M, b. 1585, d. 1640
  • Clement Miner was born in 1585.
  • He died in 1640.

Child of Clement Miner

Rebecca Weir

F, b. 1770, d. 1801
Father*Samuel Weir b. 1731, d. 1811
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Simpson.
  • Rebecca Weir married (?) Simpson.
  • Rebecca Weir was born in 1770.
  • She was the daughter of Samuel Weir.
  • Rebecca Weir died in 1801.

Child of Rebecca Weir and (?) Simpson

(?) Simpson


Child of (?) Simpson and Rebecca Weir

Samuel Weir

M, b. 1731, d. 1811
Father*John Weir b. 1700
  • Samuel Weir was born in 1731.
  • He was the son of John Weir.
  • Samuel Weir died in 1811.

Child of Samuel Weir