Elizabeth Ruth Croal

F, b. 5 June 1930, d. 16 December 2017
Father*Lee F. Croal b. 1 Mar 1906, d. 28 Dec 1970
Mother*Bernice Maude Monroe b. 24 Dec 1910, d. 29 May 1997
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namecirca 1955As of circa 1955,her married name was Reid.
  • Elizabeth Ruth Croal was born on 5 June 1930 at Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • She was the daughter of Lee F. Croal and Bernice Maude Monroe.
  • Elizabeth Ruth Croal married Norm Reid circa 1955.
  • Elizabeth Ruth Croal died on 16 December 2017 at Minneapolis, Minnesota, at age 87 Reid, Elizabeth Ruth (Croal) Liz Reid passed away quietly on the morning of December 16, 2017, surrounded by family at Rakhma Peace Home in Minneapolis after a long battle with Alzheimer's. She was 87. Born Elizabeth Ruth Croal on June 5, 1930, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to parents Lee and Bernice Croal, Liz had a preternaturally upbeat disposition despite a sometimes harrowing childhood that found her supporting and caring for siblings Jane, Tom and Frank while still in her early teens. Possessed of a boisterous laugh and a radiant smile, Liz was always ready to share either at moment's notice. Graduating from high school in rural Madison, Minnesota, Liz earned a scholarship to Macalester College and later transferred to the University of Minnesota where she met her future husband of 62 years, Norm. Graduating from the U of M as a Physical Education teacher and aquatics enthusiast, she turned her teaching skills onto her seven children with Norm in the Minneapolis suburb of Crystal, where she became a passionate advocate for education, parks and people. Promoting the planning and development of local projects like the Crystal municipal pool complex and Becker Park, Liz was a longtime volunteer organizer and co-founder of the annual summer festival, the Crystal Frolics. Liz earned many honors and accolades for her community service including a 2006 Minnesota Parks and Recreation Association award honoring her 25 years of service to the community. She was also active in local politics, organizing for school board elections and congressional candidates. Doing the work for the good it would do and not the accolades that would accrue, worker-bee Liz was always an unsung hero who made the community better every day by doing whatever was necessary to make change happen. Liz was a lover of swing music, antic novels and family camping trips. An avid gardener for whom working the earth was the best solace and sanctuary, her flower beds and shrubs provided welcome spring and summer eruptions of color - and a good excuse to share plants, stories and her love of gardening with friends and family. Sharing, caring and community - persistent themes in the lifesong of Liz Reid. Preceded in death by husband Norm and brothers Thomas and Francis, Liz is survived by sisters Jane, Karen and Judy as well as by her 7 children, Michael, Jeffrey, Nancy, Robert, Thomas, Charles and Wendy, along with 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Norm Reid

M, d. before 2017

Edward Cummings

M, b. 21 June 1879, d. 23 February 1962

Child of Edward Cummings and Anna E. Prunty

James Joseph Cummings

M, b. 5 July 1927, d. 18 June 1990
Father*Edward Cummings b. 21 Jun 1879, d. 23 Feb 1962
Mother*Anna E. Prunty b. 28 May 1872, d. 5 Dec 1960
  • James Joseph Cummings was born on 5 July 1927 at Wisconsin.
  • He was the son of Edward Cummings and Anna E. Prunty.
  • James Joseph Cummings died on 18 June 1990 at Wisconsin at age 62.

Frances (?)

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Hicks.

William J. Riedel

M, b. circa 1871, d. 27 September 1931
  • William J. Riedel was born circa 1871.
  • He died on 27 September 1931.

Child of William J. Riedel

Frederick Bohan

M, d. after 1946
  • Frederick Bohan died after 1946.

Child of Frederick Bohan

Thomas Croal

M, b. circa 1924, d. before 2016
Father*Thomas Francis Croal Jr. b. 28 Sep 1901, d. 22 Nov 1980
Mother*Olive M. Maas b. 27 Dec 1900, d. May 1993

Agnes Cecelia Cawley

F, b. 5 September 1916, d. 11 August 2015
Father*Michael J. Cawley b. 1 Apr 1874, d. 30 Oct 1974
Mother*Mary A. McCabe b. 1 Aug 1878, d. 7 Dec 1960
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1941As of 1941,her married name was Duffey.
Married Name1983As of 1983,her married name was Pieh.
  • Agnes Cecelia Cawley was born on 5 September 1916 at Madison, Dane, Wisconsin.
  • She was the daughter of Michael J. Cawley and Mary A. McCabe.
  • Agnes Cecelia Cawley married Robert Duffey in 1941.
  • Agnes Cecelia Cawley and Robert Duffey were divorced in 1953.
  • Agnes Cecelia Cawley married George Pieh in 1983.
  • Agnes Cecelia Cawley died on 11 August 2015 at Wisconsin at age 98 Agnes Pieh, 98, of Madison died peacefully at Capitol Lakes Retirement Center as a result of Alzheimer’s and natural causes. To the very end, she was upbeat, funny, and never gave up her zest for living. She leaves us with a legacy of faith, lessons of perseverance, dedication to family and children, trust in God and humor.

    Agnes was born in Madison on September 5, 1916 to Michael and Mary (McCabe) Cawley. She attended St. Raphael’s’ Catholic School and Madison Central High School.
    She attended the University of Wisconsin and met Robert Duffey whom she married in 1941. They lived in Pittsburgh, PA, where Robert was Manager of a dairy and ice cream maker. It was in Pittsburgh that they welcomed their first daughter, Sally. With an opportunity to come back to Madison, Agnes and Robert settled into an apartment near the University of Wisconsin campus and his work. Agnes resumed her life with many childhood and high school friends, joining community groups, and participating in a favorite activity of bowling. She joined a team of former high school friends and they were known for their skill, fun, costume attire for events and many championships. During this time, their family grew with the addition of a daughter Jane, and two sons, Robert and James. Their marriage ended in 1953.
    Agnes devoted her life to raising her family and being employed by the Wisconsin State Workers Compensation, Department of Workforce Development. In her position, she also actively represented employees in workers employment contract negotiation and was on many boards and committees. She was actively involved in church life at St. Raphael’s’ Cathedral, especially with the Ladies Altar Society, serving many lunches and receptions plus contributing her famous fudge to the fund raisers.
    In later years, she renewed a childhood friendship with George Pieh, widowed from his wife Mercedes, who was also a friend of Agnes and bowling partner. Agnes and George married at St Raphael’s’ Cathedral in 1983 and enjoyed many years travelling and joining in the family weddings, births and celebrations of their extended families.

    During their married life George and Agnes enjoyed the friendship and activities of the Elks, where George was a prominent leader. They joined in many trips and conventions plus the full social calendar and fund-raising activities of the Elks Lodge in Madison.
    Agnes is survived by her deceased husband George Pieh; her four children, Sally Beyer-Woodcox, (Keith Woodcox)Dallas, TX., Jane Addison, Marietta, GA, Robert Duffey (Jennifer Dwight), Pleasant Hill, CA, and James (Mary) Duffey, Denver, CO.

    She received great pleasure in her grandchildren and would ask everyone who visited her to look at their photos, tell stories about them and greatly delight in each child. Agnes is survived by seven grandchildren, Kurt (Kelly) Beyer, Melbourne, Australia, Stephanie Beyer, Austin, TX, Karsten (Michele)Beyer, New York, NY., Sean Addison (Shannon Green), Arlington, VA., Ryan (Sarah) Addison, Denver, CO, Kaitlin Duffey, San Francisco, CA, and Connor Duffey, Denver, CO.
    Four great-grandchildren also survive Agnes and include Madison Ellis Beyer, Melbourne, Australia, Carter Addison, Arlington, VA, Brady Addison, Arlington, VA, and Benjamin Addison, Denver, CO.

    The family wants to acknowledge Mary Schil, a devoted family friend who was part of our family and loved by Agnes. We also want to thank George Austin and Marty Vukelich-Austin, long-time friends and part of our extended family, for their attention and love for Agnes, especially in her later years and for being our presence when we all live so far away.

    We thank the staff at Capitol Lakes for their gentle and professional care and attention to Agnes and for their appreciation of her always cheerful spirit. She enjoyed her later stages because of their constant care and devotion.

    The family is also very grateful to Agrace Hospice for their dedication to Agnes through many health events over the past few years. They provided personalized and loving care and were always available to support her children through each medical event.

    A Mass of Christian Burial will be at 2 p.m. on Monday August 17, at ST. PATRICK CATHOLIC CHURCH, 404 E. Main Street, with Father Jay Poster, Celebrant. There will be a visitation with the family beginning at 1:00 PM until the time of Mass. Burial Services will follow in the Chapel at Resurrection Cemetery.

Robert Duffey


Mary Cawley

Father*Michael J. Cawley b. 1 Apr 1874, d. 30 Oct 1974
Mother*Mary A. McCabe b. 1 Aug 1878, d. 7 Dec 1960
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Stamm.

Joseph Stamm

M, d. after 1960

Eugene John Cawley

M, b. 30 May 1909, d. 13 March 1988
Father*Michael J. Cawley b. 1 Apr 1874, d. 30 Oct 1974
Mother*Mary A. McCabe b. 1 Aug 1878, d. 7 Dec 1960
  • Eugene John Cawley was born on 30 May 1909 at Madison, Dane, Wisconsin.
  • He was the son of Michael J. Cawley and Mary A. McCabe.
  • Eugene John Cawley married Loretta Rose Ryan on 27 September 1941 Loretta Ryan and Eugene Cawley marriage announcement.
    Madison Wisconsin State Journal September 28, 1941 - Loretta Ryan and Eugene Cawley marriage announcement
    Madison Wisconsin State Journal November 18, 1941 - Eugene Cawley and Loretta Ryan marriage announcement
  • Eugene John Cawley died on 13 March 1988 at age 78.

Michael Cawley Jr.

Father*Michael J. Cawley b. 1 Apr 1874, d. 30 Oct 1974
Mother*Mary A. McCabe b. 1 Aug 1878, d. 7 Dec 1960

George Pieh


Loretta Rose Ryan

F, b. 10 April 1916, d. 8 April 1998
Mrs Eugene Cawley (Loretta Ryan) 1941
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name27 September 1941As of 27 September 1941,her married name was Cawley.
  • Loretta Rose Ryan was born on 10 April 1916 at Lodi, Wisconsin.
  • She married Eugene John Cawley, son of Michael J. Cawley and Mary A. McCabe, on 27 September 1941 Loretta Ryan and Eugene Cawley marriage announcement.
    Madison Wisconsin State Journal September 28, 1941 - Loretta Ryan and Eugene Cawley marriage announcement
    Madison Wisconsin State Journal November 18, 1941 - Eugene Cawley and Loretta Ryan marriage announcement
  • Loretta Rose Ryan died on 8 April 1998 at age 81 Loretta Rose (Ryan) Cawley obituary.
    Madison Wisconsin State Journal April 12, 1998 - Loretta Rose (Ryan) Cawley obituary

Stephen P. Egan

M, b. 5 November 1923, d. 9 March 1985
Father*Stephen Egan b. 23 Sep 1893, d. 2 Jan 1954
Mother*Agnes McCabe b. 8 Aug 1889, d. Nov 1955
  • Stephen P. Egan was born on 5 November 1923.
  • He was the son of Stephen Egan and Agnes McCabe.
  • Stephen P. Egan died on 9 March 1985 at age 61.
  • He was buried after 9 March 1985 at Resurrection Cemetery, Madison, Dane, Wisconsin.

Mary McCabe

F, b. circa 1855, d. before 1900
Father*John McCabe b. 24 Jun 1826, d. 7 Jul 1903
Mother*Mary Ann Croal b. Mar 1828, d. 21 Mar 1912
  • Mary McCabe was born circa 1855 at Wisconsin.
  • She was the daughter of John McCabe and Mary Ann Croal.
  • Mary McCabe died before 1900.

Irving C. Johnson

M, b. before 1921

Mary Beth (?)

F, d. before 2011
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Kenney.
  • Mary Beth (?) died before 2011.

Jeremiah Kenney

M, b. 1962, d. 1962
Father*Lawrence Michael Kenney Jr. b. 22 May 1930, d. 19 Jun 2011

Marguerite Wieseke

F, b. 28 December 1902, d. 6 October 1992
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name17 June 1930As of 17 June 1930,her married name was Torphy.
  • Marguerite Wieseke was born on 28 December 1902 at Wisconsin.
  • She married William Edward Torphy, son of Edward Torphy and Johanna Stapleton, on 17 June 1930.
  • Marguerite Wieseke died on 6 October 1992 at age 89.
  • She was buried after 6 October 1992 at Saint Aloysious Cemetery, Sauk City, Sauk, Wisconsin.

William Murphy


Raymond Wastlick

M, d. before 2015

Stella Birdd

F, b. circa 1911, d. 3 November 2001
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Downing.
  • Stella Birdd married (?) Downing.
  • Stella Birdd was born circa 1911.
  • She died on 3 November 2001 at Janesville, Wisconsin, Stella (Birdd) Downing Wildenburg obituary.
    Madison Wisconsin State Journal November 5, 2001 - Stella (Birdd) Downing Wildenburg obituary

(?) Downing


Frank Krause


Children of Frank Krause and Marie Rick

Marie Rick

Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Krause.

Children of Marie Rick and Frank Krause

Frank W. Krause

M, b. 21 July 1893, d. 23 April 1984
Father*Frank Krause
Mother*Marie Rick
  • Frank W. Krause was born on 21 July 1893 at Woodland, Sauk, Wisconsin.
  • He was the son of Frank Krause and Marie Rick.
  • Frank W. Krause died on 23 April 1984 at Hillsboro, Wisconsin, at age 90 Frank W Krause obituary.
    Madison Wisconsin State Journal April 26, 1984 - Frank W. Krause obituary

Elmer Beuthien

M, b. 18 March 1912, d. 11 June 1919
Father*Bernhard Beuthien b. 27 Jul 1875, d. 30 Jan 1944
Mother*Lillian Koch b. 5 Nov 1889, d. 29 Dec 1918
  • Elmer Beuthien was born on 18 March 1912 at West Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan.
  • He was the son of Bernhard Beuthien and Lillian Koch.
  • Elmer Beuthien died on 11 June 1919 at struck by auto, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, at age 7.