Robert Lattimer


John Luther Melanethon Altman

M, b. circa 1856
Father*Henry Altman b. 19 Sep 1820, d. 7 Jul 1898
Mother*Mary Etta Cribbs b. Apr 1824, d. 1910

Margaret Emily Altman

F, b. March 1858, d. 1921
Father*Henry Altman b. 19 Sep 1820, d. 7 Jul 1898
Mother*Mary Etta Cribbs b. Apr 1824, d. 1910
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationMargaret Emily Altman was also known as Maggie.
Married Name1884As of 1884,her married name was Kratzer.

Martha Augusta Altman

F, b. circa 1861
Father*Henry Altman b. 19 Sep 1820, d. 7 Jul 1898
Mother*Mary Etta Cribbs b. Apr 1824, d. 1910

Henry Nitterrauer Altman

M, b. circa 1864
Father*Henry Altman b. 19 Sep 1820, d. 7 Jul 1898
Mother*Mary Etta Cribbs b. Apr 1824, d. 1910

Louisa Mendinia Altman

F, b. circa 1866
Father*Henry Altman b. 19 Sep 1820, d. 7 Jul 1898
Mother*Mary Etta Cribbs b. Apr 1824, d. 1910
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationLouisa Mendinia Altman was also known as Minnie L.
Married Name6 November 1889As of 6 November 1889,her married name was Weller.

Henry William Kratzer

M, b. November 1860, d. 1940

Thomas B. Weller

M, b. circa 1855

Dulsie M. Hendricks

F, b. 1907, d. 2003
Mrs Charles Ihm (Dulsie Hendricks) 1974
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameOctober 1924As of October 1924,her married name was Ihm.
  • Dulsie M. Hendricks was born in 1907.
  • She married Charles M. Ihm, son of Charles Frank Ihm and Mary Helena Weber, in October 1924 Mr and Mrs Charles Ihm 50th wedding anniversary.
    Dubuque Telegraph Herald October 27, 1974 - Mr and Mrs Charles Ihm 50th wedding anniversary
  • Dulsie M. Hendricks died in 2003.

Child of Dulsie M. Hendricks and Charles M. Ihm

Dulsie Eleanor Ihm

F, b. 29 September 1942, d. 11 May 2018
Father*Charles M. Ihm b. 22 May 1903, d. 18 May 1988
Mother*Dulsie M. Hendricks b. 1907, d. 2003
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name5 August 1961As of 5 August 1961,her married name was Ryan.
  • Dulsie Eleanor Ihm was born on 29 September 1942 at Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa.
  • She was the daughter of Charles M. Ihm and Dulsie M. Hendricks.
  • Dulsie Eleanor Ihm died on 11 May 2018 at Vilas, Wisconsin, at age 75 Dulsie Eleanor (nee Ihm) Ryan, age 75 of St. Germain, WI died on Friday, May 11th at her residence with her family by her side. Dulsie was born on September 29, 1942 in Dubuque, Iowa the daughter of Charles and Dulsie (nee Hendricks) Ihm.
    Dulsie attended the St. Joseph Academy, Wahlert High School, and the Dubuque Beauty Academy, all in Dubuque, Iowa. She married Thomas Ryan on August 5, 1961, he survives.
    Dulsie worked as an beautician and owner of Country Fashion Beauty Salon; owner & operator of Ryan's Last Resort; office staff at St. Germain Chamber of Commerce; and secretary/bookkeeper for Ryan Plumbing & Heating.
    She was a volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels in Oakfield & Fond du Lac WI; volunteer at the Food Bank in Noxon, MT
    Dulsie enjoyed sewing; golfing, fishing, gardening, and oil painting.
    She is survived by her husband of 56 years; Tom and by children; Kelly Ryan (Audrey); Les Ryan (Alyona); Russ Ryan (Wendy); Deb Walsh (Dan); and Gina Steinke (Jeff)
    and by Grandchildren: Thomas Ryan (Brigette); Shane Ryan; Jeremy, Emily & Hannah Ryan; Leah, Maria and Ryan Walsh; Samantha, Olivia & Jessica Steinke and Great-Grandchildren: Aleena, Parker, and Carter Ryan; & Laikyn Kollmansberger and further survived by her Siblings: Juanita Droessler and Doris Ihm and by many nieces & nephews; & very dear & special friend Diane Weber
    Preceded in death by her parents, Charles & Dulsie Ihm, 4 brothers: Charles, Clarence, Leonard and Bill and 1 sister, Winona Baeten
    Upon her wishes, cremation took place and private family services will be held.
    In lieu of flowers, memorial donations to: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Kieler WI; St. Mary Catholic Church, Sayner, WI; or Holy Family Catholic Church, Woodruff, WI.

Charles Frank Ihm

M, b. 3 December 1874, d. 21 November 1941
  • Charles Frank Ihm married Mary Helena Weber, daughter of Joseph Weber and Maria Alt.
  • Charles Frank Ihm was born on 3 December 1874 at Germany.
  • He died on 21 November 1941 at Grant, Wisconsin, at age 66.

Children of Charles Frank Ihm and Mary Helena Weber

Mary Helena Weber

F, b. 23 December 1876, d. 9 July 1944
Father*Joseph Weber b. 20 Sep 1847, d. 18 Nov 1926
Mother*Maria Alt b. 3 Jan 1858, d. 18 Sep 1891
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Ihm.
  • Mary Helena Weber married Charles Frank Ihm.
  • Mary Helena Weber was born on 23 December 1876 at Grant, Wisconsin.
  • She was the daughter of Joseph Weber and Maria Alt.
  • Mary Helena Weber died on 9 July 1944 at Jo Daviess, Illinois, at age 67.

Children of Mary Helena Weber and Charles Frank Ihm

John K. Owsley

M, b. 20 August 1923, d. 2 August 2001

Doris (?)

Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1958As of 1958,her married name was Mullineaux.

Kenneth E. Burrell

M, b. 26 September 1908, d. 28 April 1970
  • Kenneth E. Burrell was born on 26 September 1908.
  • He married Florence A. Mullineaux, daughter of Joseph William Mullineaux and Martha Eveline Bowler, on 12 May 1962 at Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.
    Marriage record of Florence A Mullineaux and Kenneth E Burrell 12 May 1962 Kansas City, Jackson MO
  • Kenneth E. Burrell died on 28 April 1970 at age 61.
  • He was buried after 28 April 1970 at Fairview Cemetery, Sweet Springs, Saline, Missouri.

Geraldine Johns

Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1945As of 1945,her married name was Mullineaux.

Raymond F. Ford

M, b. 1930, d. 1966

Loyd J. Swearingen

M, b. 29 November 1914, d. 15 June 1983
  • Loyd J. Swearingen was born on 29 November 1914.
  • He married Jeanne Opal Mullineaux, daughter of Joseph Aussinar Mullineaux and Lola Camilla Scott, on 1 August 1946 at Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.
  • Loyd J. Swearingen and Jeanne Opal Mullineaux were divorced before 1954.
  • Loyd J. Swearingen married Lucille Dowdy on 8 March 1957.
  • Loyd J. Swearingen died on 15 June 1983 at age 68 Loyd Swearingen obituary.
    Sedalia Democrat June 17, 1983 - Loyd Swearingen obituary
  • He was buried after 15 June 1983 at Memorial Park Cemetery, Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri.

Child of Loyd J. Swearingen and Jeanne Opal Mullineaux

Donald L. Swearingen

M, b. 25 June 1947, d. 19 October 2005
Father*Loyd J. Swearingen b. 29 Nov 1914, d. 15 Jun 1983
Mother*Jeanne Opal Mullineaux b. 23 Sep 1928, d. Nov 1982
  • Donald L. Swearingen was born on 25 June 1947 at Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri.
  • He was the son of Loyd J. Swearingen and Jeanne Opal Mullineaux.
  • Donald L. Swearingen died on 19 October 2005 at age 58 Donald L Swearingen obituary.
    Sedalia Democrat October 22, 2005 - Donald L Swearingen obituary
  • He was buried after 19 October 2005 at Heath Creek Cemetery, Marshall, Saline, Missouri.

Delbert H. Haywood

M, b. 17 March 1928, d. 12 July 1962

Lucille Dowdy

F, d. after 1983
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name8 March 1957As of 8 March 1957,her married name was Swearingen.

(?) Strattman


Helen L. Garrett

F, b. 2 June 1923, d. 25 February 1986
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name24 December 1942As of 24 December 1942,her married name was Mullineaux.
  • Helen L. Garrett was born on 2 June 1923 at Marshall, Missouri.
  • She married James E. Mullineaux, son of Joseph Aussinar Mullineaux and Lola Camilla Scott, on 24 December 1942 at Marshall, Missouri.
  • Helen L. Garrett died on 25 February 1986 at Peoria, Illinois, at age 62 Helen L (Garrett) Mullineaux obituary.
    Sedalia Democrat February 28, 1986 - Helen L (Garrett) Mullineaux obituary
  • She was buried after 25 February 1986 at Sunset Gardens Cemetery (aka Memorial Gardens Cemetery), Marshall, Saline, Missouri.

Herman E. Hempel

M, b. 7 April 1910, d. 8 October 1998
  • Herman E. Hempel married Dorothy Chapman, daughter of James Edward Chapman and Mollie May Tryon.
  • Herman E. Hempel was born on 7 April 1910.
  • He died on 8 October 1998 at age 88.
  • He was buried after 8 October 1998 at Old Cave Spring Cemetery, Sullivan, Franklin, Missouri.

A. J. McDonald

M, d. after 1945

(?) Watson


Charles Frederick DuBois

M, b. 14 March 1916, d. 7 March 1989
  • Charles Frederick DuBois was born on 14 March 1916 at Madison, Dane, Wisconsin.
  • He married Cleo Lorene Gehrke, daughter of Herman John Gehrke and Letha Shaw, on 28 January 1943.
  • Charles Frederick DuBois died on 7 March 1989 at Orange, California, at age 72.
  • He was buried after 7 March 1989 at Belmont Cemetery, Belmont, Lafayette, Wisconsin.

Paul F. McQuillan


(?) Rundell


Charles Comadoll

M, b. 14 June 1904, d. 8 June 1975
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationCharles Comadoll was also known as Charlie.
  • Charles Comadoll was born on 14 June 1904 at Ohio.
  • He married Vera Irene Summers on 18 September 1927 at Moorepark, St Joseph, Michigan.
  • Charles Comadoll and Vera Irene Summers were divorced before 1937.
  • Charles Comadoll married Ethel M. Barrone, daughter of John Peter Franklin Barrone and Estella M. Sprang, in 1937 at Boone, Illinois.
  • Charles Comadoll died on 8 June 1975 at Winnebago, Illinois, at age 70.
Census DateLocation
15 April 1940South Rockford, Winnebago, IllinoisCharles Comadoll was listed as the head of a family on the 1940 Census at South Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois.1


  1. [S373] U.S. Federal Census 1940 U.S. Federal Census, by, Year: 1940; Census Place: South Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois; Roll: m-t0627-00915; Page: 17A; Enumeration District: 101-83A.