(?) Yoder

Life EventDateDescription
Marriage(?) Yoder married Rebecca Artman.

Children of (?) Yoder and Rebecca Artman

Elizabeth Yoder

F, b. 31 May 1880, d. 12 November 1973
Father*(?) Yoder
Mother*Rebecca Artman b. 21 Aug 1850, d. 28 Mar 1929
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name4 March 1908As of 4 March 1908,her married name was McCleneghan.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth31 May 1880Elizabeth Yoder was born on 31 May 1880.
She was the daughter of (?) Yoder and Rebecca Artman.
Marriage4 March 1908Elizabeth Yoder married Dr. Samuel McCleneghan on 4 March 1908 at Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.
Death12 November 1973Elizabeth Yoder died on 12 November 1973 at age 93.
  • On 3 October 1930 Mrs Bryan Larsen (Mary Yoder) visiting her sister Elizabeth (Yoder) McCleanagan (McCleneghan) in Omaha, Nebraska.
    The Harrison Sun (Harrison, Nebraska) 03 Oct 1930 - Mrs Bryan Larsen (Mary Yoder) visiting her sister Elizabeth (Yoder) McCleanagan (McCleneghan)

Dr. Samuel McCleneghan

M, b. 3 August 1880, d. 29 June 1974
Life EventDateDescription
Birth3 August 1880Dr. Samuel McCleneghan was born on 3 August 1880.
Marriage4 March 1908He married Elizabeth Yoder, daughter of (?) Yoder and Rebecca Artman, on 4 March 1908 at Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.
Death29 June 1974Dr. Samuel McCleneghan died on 29 June 1974 at age 93.

Solomon A. Yoder

M, b. 2 January 1884, d. 22 February 1943
Father*(?) Yoder
Mother*Rebecca Artman b. 21 Aug 1850, d. 28 Mar 1929
Life EventDateDescription
Birth2 January 1884Solomon A. Yoder was born on 2 January 1884 at Nebraska.
He was the son of (?) Yoder and Rebecca Artman.
Death22 February 1943Solomon A. Yoder died on 22 February 1943 at age 59.
  • On 19 March 1931 Bryan and Mary (Yoder) Larsen returned from Omaha, S A Yoder returned to Omaha.
    The Harrison Sun (Harrison, Nebraska) 19 Mar 1931 - Bryan and Mary (Yoder) Larsen returned from Omaha, S A Yoder returned to Omaha

Fredrick Duane Irwin

M, b. 4 December 1902, d. 5 June 1966
Father*Willis Victor Irwin b. 1860, d. Sep 1915
Mother*Mary Yoder b. 24 Mar 1872, d. 22 Dec 1957
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationFredrick Duane Irwin was also known as Erwin.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageFredrick Duane Irwin married Lucille Conwell.
Birth4 December 1902Fredrick Duane Irwin was born on 4 December 1902 at Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
He was the son of Willis Victor Irwin and Mary Yoder.
Death5 June 1966Fredrick Duane Irwin died on 5 June 1966 at age 63.
  • On 2 July 1931 Mrs Bryan Larsen (Mary Yoder Irwin) visiting her son Frederick Irvin (Irwin).
    The Harrison Sun (Harrison, Nebraska) 02 Jul 1931 - Mrs Bryan Larsen (Mary Yoder Irwin) visiting her son Frederick Irvin (Irwin)

Lucille Conwell

F, b. 6 May 1909, d. 27 January 1995
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Irwin.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageLucille Conwell married Fredrick Duane Irwin, son of Willis Victor Irwin and Mary Yoder.
Birth6 May 1909Lucille Conwell was born on 6 May 1909 at Indiana.
Death27 January 1995She died on 27 January 1995 at Indiana at age 85.

Rose Mae Childers

F, b. 5 November 1883, d. 11 January 1961
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Hamaker.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageRose Mae Childers married William Carl Hamaker, son of R. S. Q. Hamaker and Alice B. Haworth.
Birth5 November 1883Rose Mae Childers was born on 5 November 1883.
Death11 January 1961She died on 11 January 1961 at age 77.

Helen D. Eilks

F, b. 28 August 1923, d. 3 January 2001
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Schiefen.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageHelen D. Eilks married Julius Bernard Schiefen Jr., son of Julius Bernard Schiefen and Dorothea Vogel.
Birth28 August 1923Helen D. Eilks was born on 28 August 1923.
Death3 January 2001She died on 3 January 2001 at age 77.

Iva B. Tanderup

F, b. 2 December 1930, d. 27 August 2015
Iva (Tanderup) Hovden
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1956As of 1956,her married name was Hovden.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth2 December 1930Iva B. Tanderup was born on 2 December 1930 at South Dakota.
Marriage1956She married Melvin LeRoy Hovden, son of Carl P. Hovden and Gertrude Fiedler, in 1956.
Death27 August 2015Iva B. Tanderup died on 27 August 2015 at South Dakota at age 84.

Robert Lehrkamp

M, b. 1872, d. 1956
Life EventDateDescription
Birth1872Robert Lehrkamp was born in 1872.
Marriagecirca 1905He married Christine Fiedler, daughter of Gottfried Michael Fiedler and Justena Raebourg, circa 1905.
Death1956Robert Lehrkamp died in 1956.

Gustav E. Kiepke

M, b. 1860, d. 22 August 1932
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageGustav E. Kiepke married Wilhelmine Fiedler, daughter of Gottfried Michael Fiedler and Justena Raebourg.
Birth1860Gustav E. Kiepke was born in 1860.
Death22 August 1932He died on 22 August 1932.

Leonard Jackson Sollars

M, b. circa 1927, d. 19 April 1966
Life EventDateDescription
Birthcirca 1927Leonard Jackson Sollars was born circa 1927 at Wyoming.
Marriage19 July 1955He married Vivian Doreen Culver, daughter of Raymond John Culver and Josephine Fiedler, on 19 July 1955 at Washington.
Death19 April 1966Leonard Jackson Sollars died on 19 April 1966 at Richland, Washington.

James Edwards

M, b. 9 February 1912, d. 2 November 1973
Life EventDateDescription
Birth9 February 1912James Edwards was born on 9 February 1912 at Missouri.
Marriage19 October 1960He married Vivian Doreen Culver, daughter of Raymond John Culver and Josephine Fiedler, on 19 October 1960 at Washington.
Death2 November 1973James Edwards died on 2 November 1973 at Prosser, Benton, Washington, at age 61.

Melvin John Danson

M, b. 20 July 1923, d. 15 April 1994
Life EventDateDescription
Birth20 July 1923Melvin John Danson was born on 20 July 1923 at Itasca, Minnesota.
Marriage1943He married Vivian Doreen Culver, daughter of Raymond John Culver and Josephine Fiedler, in 1943.
Death15 April 1994Melvin John Danson died on 15 April 1994 at Canyon City, Grant, Oregon, at age 70.

James Dechand

Life EventDateDescription
Marriageafter 1960James Dechand married Vivian Doreen Culver, daughter of Raymond John Culver and Josephine Fiedler, after 1960.

Neal Newman

Life EventDateDescription
Marriageafter 1982Neal Newman married Joyce Adair Shreve after 1982.

Gary Keith Ferdig

M, b. 22 July 1939, d. 7 February 1995
Mother*Rose Arretta Ferdig b. 6 Jun 1912, d. 12 Dec 1987
Life EventDateDescription
Birth22 July 1939Gary Keith Ferdig was born on 22 July 1939.
He was the son of Rose Arretta Ferdig.
Death7 February 1995Gary Keith Ferdig died on 7 February 1995 at age 55.

Emma Lauraine Jones

F, b. 1 April 1923, d. 8 September 2003
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name18 October 1942As of 18 October 1942,her married name was Marshall.
Married NameJuly 1985As of July 1985,her married name was Bechen.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth1 April 1923Emma Lauraine Jones was born on 1 April 1923.
Marriage18 October 1942She married Blaine E. Marshall on 18 October 1942.
MarriageJuly 1985Emma Lauraine Jones married Russell Jerome Bechen, son of Reuben Fred Bechen and Elizabeth E. Mader, in July 1985.
Death8 September 2003Emma Lauraine Jones died on 8 September 2003 at age 80.

Blaine E. Marshall

M, b. 17 September 1924, d. 10 July 1981
Life EventDateDescription
Birth17 September 1924Blaine E. Marshall was born on 17 September 1924 at South Dakota.
Marriage18 October 1942He married Emma Lauraine Jones on 18 October 1942.
Death10 July 1981Blaine E. Marshall died on 10 July 1981 at Washington at age 56.

Christine Mary Bechen

F, b. 9 September 1960, d. 3 July 2012
Father*Donald Leo Bechen b. Apr 1925
Christine Mary Bechen
Life EventDateDescription
Birth9 September 1960Christine Mary Bechen was born on 9 September 1960.
She was the daughter of Donald Leo Bechen.
Death3 July 2012Christine Mary Bechen died on 3 July 2012 at age 51 BECHEN, Christine Mary, age 51, of Mt. Clemens, unexpectedly July 3, 2012. A 1978 graduate of Rochester Adams High School, she went on to graduate with Honors in receiving her Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree from Oakland University in 1993. During her career she was employed as a Registered Nurse in several Wayne County Hospitals. Beloved mother of Karley Bechen. Dearest daughter of Patricia Kemler VanSchoick and Donald Bechen. Loving sister of Kathleen Hammond, David (Carol) Bechen, Scott (Lonni) Bechen and Bonnie (Len) Chalawa. Also survived by her nieces, nephews and friends. Funeral Service 2:00 p.m. Wednesday at PIXLEY FUNERAL HOME, 322 W. University Drive in downtown Rochester; her family will receive friends at the funeral home from 12 Noon Wednesday until the time of service.

Dora Duck

F, b. 23 February 1875, d. 13 September 1911
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1893As of 1893,her married name was Williamson.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth23 February 1875Dora Duck was born on 23 February 1875 at Missouri.
Marriage1893She married Theodore Edward Williamson, son of Joseph Anderson Williamson and unknown (?), in 1893.
Death13 September 1911Dora Duck died on 13 September 1911 at age 36.

Child of Dora Duck and Theodore Edward Williamson

Theodore Edward Williamson

M, b. circa 1868
Father*Joseph Anderson Williamson b. 9 Aug 1840, d. 17 Jun 1915
Mother*unknown (?) d. b 1871
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationTheodore Edward Williamson was also known as T. E.
Name VariationTheodore Edward Williamson was also known as Ed.
Life EventDateDescription
Birthcirca 1868Theodore Edward Williamson was born circa 1868 at Missouri.
He was the son of Joseph Anderson Williamson and unknown (?).
Marriage1893Theodore Edward Williamson married Dora Duck in 1893.
  • Theodore Edward Williamson was a butcher in 1911 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Child of Theodore Edward Williamson and Dora Duck

Joseph Anderson Williamson

M, b. 9 August 1840, d. 17 June 1915
Life EventDateDescription
Birth9 August 1840Joseph Anderson Williamson was born on 9 August 1840 at New Jersey.
Marriagebefore 1865He married unknown (?) before 1865.
Marriage1871Joseph Anderson Williamson married Sarah Elizabeth Smith in 1871.
Death17 June 1915Joseph Anderson Williamson died on 17 June 1915 at Oklahoma at age 74.

Children of Joseph Anderson Williamson and unknown (?)

William E. Williamson

M, b. circa 1865
Father*Joseph Anderson Williamson b. 9 Aug 1840, d. 17 Jun 1915
Mother*unknown (?) d. b 1871
Life EventDateDescription
Birthcirca 1865William E. Williamson was born circa 1865 at Ohio.
He was the son of Joseph Anderson Williamson and unknown (?).

Sarah Elizabeth Smith

F, b. 1853, d. 25 September 1926
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1871As of 1871,her married name was Williamson.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth1853Sarah Elizabeth Smith was born in 1853 at Kentucky.
Marriage1871She married Joseph Anderson Williamson in 1871.
Death25 September 1926Sarah Elizabeth Smith died on 25 September 1926 at Alabama.

unknown (?)

F, d. before 1871
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namebefore 1865As of before 1865,her married name was Williamson.
Life EventDateDescription
Marriagebefore 1865Unknown (?) married Joseph Anderson Williamson before 1865.
Deathbefore 1871Unknown (?) died before 1871.

Children of unknown (?) and Joseph Anderson Williamson

Donald John Crary

M, b. 9 August 1920, d. 28 October 2014
Life EventDateDescription
Birth9 August 1920Donald John Crary was born on 9 August 1920 at Wisconsin.
Death28 October 2014He died on 28 October 2014 at Wisconsin at age 94 Donald John Crary age 94 of Richland Center passed away on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at Pine Valley Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. He was born in Lafayette County the son of Albert and Mary (Endres) Crary on August 9, 1920. He spent his childhood in the Mineral Point area moving with his family to Richland County in 1934. He attended Richland Center, Bloomington and graduated from Lone Rock High School in 1938. He attended the University of Wisconsin Madison. Don was co-owner, with his family, of the Lloyd Cheese Factory for 31 years. He married Kathleen Cooper on October 25, 1952 at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Lime Ridge. In 1969 Don joined the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture where he worked as a food inspector until his retirement in 1986. Don served as secretary of the Richland County Dairy Improvement Association and a director of the Southwest Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s Association. He was a Registered Sanitarian for the State of Wisconsin. He was a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Parish and the Fr. McKevitt Council of the Knights of Columbus. Don is survived by his wife of 62 years, Kathleen Crary of Richland Center, 3 sons, Kevin (Gretchen) of La Crosse, Kilian and Mark (Mary) both of Richland Center, 6 grandchildren, Meagan of St. Peter, MN, Caitlin (Dan) Beauchaine of La Crosse, Amber of La Crosse, Autumn of Willmer, MN, Hannah of Winona, MN and Phillip of La Crosse, a brother, Paul Crary of Richland Center, other relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by his parents and 2 sisters, Alberta Jensen and Eva Joestgen. A funeral outside of the Mass will be held on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 11:30 A.M. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Richland Center. Monsignor Roger Scheckel will officiate with burial in the church cemetery. Visitation will be held on Saturday at the church from 10:00 A.M. until the time of service at 11:30 A.M.

Francis Joseph Schadauer

M, b. 4 January 1927, d. 7 June 2005
Francis Joseph Schadauer 1944 - Madison Central High School, Madison, Dane, Wisconsin
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationFrancis Joseph Schadauer was also known as Francis Joe.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth4 January 1927Francis Joseph Schadauer was born on 4 January 1927 at Madison, Dane, Wisconsin.
Marriage20 June 1959He married Gwendolyn Louise Cooper, daughter of Buford Thomas Cooper and Gwendolyn Mary Railton, on 20 June 1959.
Death7 June 2005Francis Joseph Schadauer died on 7 June 2005 at age 78 Francis Joe Schadauer died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack on Tuesday, June 7, 2005. He was born on Jan. 4, 1927, in Madison, to Julius and Anna (Haas) Schadauer. He attended grade school at Holy Redeemer School, and graduated with the class of 1944 from Central High School. He served in the U.S. Navy in World War II. Joe graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1950 as an electrical engineer, and especially enjoyed playing in the marching band. He married Louise Cooper on June 20, 1959, and they had one son, Michael. Joe spent most of his working years maintaining electronic equipment for the University of Wisconsin Medical School, retiring in 1993. He was a train buff and enjoyed riding the trains of U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and continental Europe. Joe was still playing softball and had spent Memorial Day weekend playing in the U.S.A. Volleyball Tournament in Denver with the over 75 league. He was an active member of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, being an usher and Eucharistic Minister. He is survived by his wife, Louise; his son, Michael (Elise), two grandsons, Wilson and Jonah, all of Minneapolis; a sister, Elizabeth Phelan of San Gabriel, Calif; and several nieces and nephews. A Memorial Mass of Christian Burial will be held at OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE CHURCH, 405 S. Owen Drive, Madison, on Friday, June 10, 2005, at 11 a.m. Monsignor Ken Fiedler and the Rev. Brian Wilk will concelebrate, with inurnment in Resurrection Cemetery. Friends may call from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the church on Thursday and also at the church on Friday after 10 a.m. until the service time.

Anna Marie Davey

F, b. 26 November 1896, d. 27 February 1965
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namebefore 1920As of before 1920,her married name was Walsh.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth26 November 1896Anna Marie Davey was born on 26 November 1896.
Marriagebefore 1920She married William Louis Walsh before 1920.
Death27 February 1965Anna Marie Davey died on 27 February 1965 at age 68.

Child of Anna Marie Davey and William Louis Walsh

Francis Edwin Wade

M, b. 2 December 1885, d. 6 September 1967
Life EventDateDescription
Birth2 December 1885Francis Edwin Wade was born on 2 December 1885 at Wisconsin.
Marriageafter 1958He married Beryl Claudia Gray after 1958.
Death6 September 1967Francis Edwin Wade died on 6 September 1967 at age 81.