Katherina Dorothea Magdalena Schroeder

F, b. 23 December 1888, d. 26 November 1983
Father*Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder b. 28 Oct 1858, d. 6 Jun 1923
Mother*Caroline Wilhelmina Augusta Funte b. 3 Feb 1864, d. 27 Apr 1935
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationKatherina Dorothea Magdalena Schroeder was also known as Lena.
Married NameHer married name was Meyer.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageKatherina Dorothea Magdalena Schroeder married Heinrich Jurgen Otto Meyer.
Birth23 December 1888Katherina Dorothea Magdalena Schroeder was born on 23 December 1888 at Sauk, Wisconsin.
She was the daughter of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder and Caroline Wilhelmina Augusta Funte.
Death26 November 1983Katherina Dorothea Magdalena Schroeder died on 26 November 1983 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 94.

Child of Katherina Dorothea Magdalena Schroeder and Heinrich Jurgen Otto Meyer

Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder

M, b. 28 October 1858, d. 6 June 1923
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageHeinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder married Caroline Wilhelmina Augusta Funte.
Birth28 October 1858Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder was born on 28 October 1858 at Germany.
Death6 June 1923He died on 6 June 1923 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 64.

Children of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder and Caroline Wilhelmina Augusta Funte

Caroline Wilhelmina Augusta Funte

F, b. 3 February 1864, d. 27 April 1935
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Schroeder.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageCaroline Wilhelmina Augusta Funte married Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder.
Birth3 February 1864Caroline Wilhelmina Augusta Funte was born on 3 February 1864 at Sauk, Wisconsin.
Death27 April 1935She died on 27 April 1935 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 71.

Children of Caroline Wilhelmina Augusta Funte and Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schroeder

Emil C. Klabunde

M, b. 4 January 1893, d. 23 February 1983
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageEmil C. Klabunde married Meta Marie Collies, daughter of John M. Collies and Amelia Strutz.
Birth4 January 1893Emil C. Klabunde was born on 4 January 1893.
Death23 February 1983He died on 23 February 1983 at age 90.

Maximillian Krause

M, b. July 1862, d. January 1940
Maximillian Krause
Name TypeDateDescription
NicknameMaximillian Krause also went by the name of Max.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageMaximillian Krause married Clara Liessman, daughter of Henry J. Liessman and Catherine Ohland.
BirthJuly 1862Maximillian Krause was born in July 1862.
DeathJanuary 1940He died in January 1940 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 77.
  • Portrait of Clara (Liessman) and Maximillian Krause.
    Clara (Liessman) and Maximillian Krause - of Sauk county, Wisconsin

Thomas Murray


Children of Thomas Murray

Catherine Murray

F, b. 1865, d. 1949
Father*Thomas Murray
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was McNulty.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageCatherine Murray married James McNulty.
Birth1865Catherine Murray was born in 1865.
She was the daughter of Thomas Murray.
Death1949Catherine Murray died in 1949 Catherine (Murray) McNulty obituary.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 04 Feb 1949 - Catherine (Murray) McNulty obituary

James McNulty

M, b. 1862, d. 1942
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageJames McNulty married Catherine Murray, daughter of Thomas Murray.
Birth1862James McNulty was born in 1862.
Death1942He died in 1942.

Emma Roewer

F, b. 1867, d. June 1949
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Weseloh.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageEmma Roewer married William Heinrich Weseloh, son of Johann Weseloh.
Birth1867Emma Roewer was born in 1867.
DeathJune 1949She died in June 1949 Emma (Roewer) Weseloh obituary.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 25 Jun 1949 - Emma (Roewer) Weseloh obituary

Child of Emma Roewer and William Heinrich Weseloh

William Heinrich Weseloh

M, b. 5 March 1862, d. 11 February 1930
Father*Johann Weseloh b. 14 Sep 1836, d. 2 Oct 1912
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageWilliam Heinrich Weseloh married Emma Roewer.
Birth5 March 1862William Heinrich Weseloh was born on 5 March 1862 at Germany.
He was the son of Johann Weseloh.
Death11 February 1930William Heinrich Weseloh died on 11 February 1930 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 67.

Child of William Heinrich Weseloh and Emma Roewer

Johann Weseloh

M, b. 14 September 1836, d. 2 October 1912
Life EventDateDescription
Birth14 September 1836Johann Weseloh was born on 14 September 1836 at Germany.
Death2 October 1912He died on 2 October 1912 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 76.

Children of Johann Weseloh

August Goetzke

M, b. June 1853, d. 7 September 1949
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationAugust Goetzke was also known as Gaetske.
Name VariationAugust Goetzke was also known as Gaetzke.
Life EventDateDescription
BirthJune 1853August Goetzke was born in June 1853 at Germany.
Death7 September 1949He died on 7 September 1949 at Lodi, Columbia, Wisconsin, at age 96 August Gaetske (or Goetzke) obituary.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 09 Sep 1949 - August Gaetske (or Goetzke) obituary

Child of August Goetzke

George W. Kahl

M, b. 1856, d. 1888
Life EventDateDescription
Birth1856George W. Kahl was born in 1856.
Marriagebefore 1877He married Ida Koenig before 1877.
Death1888George W. Kahl died in 1888.

Child of George W. Kahl and Ida Koenig

William H. Kahl

M, b. 2 September 1879, d. 29 September 1949
Father*George W. Kahl b. 1856, d. 1888
Mother*Ida Koenig b. 15 Aug 1859, d. 21 Apr 1914
Life EventDateDescription
Birth2 September 1879William H. Kahl was born on 2 September 1879 at Wisconsin.
He was the son of George W. Kahl and Ida Koenig.
Death29 September 1949William H. Kahl died on 29 September 1949 at age 70 William Kahl obituary.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 30 Sep 1949 - William Kahl obituary

Barbara M. Bodendein

F, b. August 1878, d. 25 December 1949
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namebefore 1900As of before 1900,her married name was Tourdot.
Life EventDateDescription
BirthAugust 1878Barbara M. Bodendein was born in August 1878.
Marriagebefore 1900She married Albert E. Tourdot before 1900.
Divorcebefore 1920Barbara M. Bodendein and Albert E. Tourdot were divorced before 1920.
Death25 December 1949Barbara M. Bodendein died on 25 December 1949 at age 71 Barbara M Bodendein Tourdot obituary.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 27 Dec 1949 - Barbara M Bodendein Tourdot

Child of Barbara M. Bodendein and Albert E. Tourdot

Albert E. Tourdot

M, b. February 1872, d. 10 May 1941
Life EventDateDescription
BirthFebruary 1872Albert E. Tourdot was born in February 1872.
Marriagebefore 1900He married Barbara M. Bodendein before 1900.
Divorcebefore 1920Albert E. Tourdot and Barbara M. Bodendein were divorced before 1920.
Death10 May 1941Albert E. Tourdot died on 10 May 1941 at age 69.

Child of Albert E. Tourdot and Barbara M. Bodendein

Herman Gustave Steinhorst

M, b. 30 September 1878, d. 18 May 1950
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageHerman Gustave Steinhorst married Ida E. Zimmerman.
Birth30 September 1878Herman Gustave Steinhorst was born on 30 September 1878 at Germany.
Death18 May 1950He died on 18 May 1950 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 71 Herman Gustave Steinhorst obituary.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 19 May 1950 - Herman Gustave Steinhorst obituary

Child of Herman Gustave Steinhorst and Ida E. Zimmerman

Ida E. Zimmerman

F, b. 1 June 1882, d. 27 April 1978
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Steinhorst.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageIda E. Zimmerman married Herman Gustave Steinhorst.
Birth1 June 1882Ida E. Zimmerman was born on 1 June 1882.
Death27 April 1978She died on 27 April 1978 at age 95.

Child of Ida E. Zimmerman and Herman Gustave Steinhorst

Mary Wolthers

F, b. 31 December 1881, d. 13 January 1952
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Bodendein.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageMary Wolthers married Paul Bodendein.
Birth31 December 1881Mary Wolthers was born on 31 December 1881.
Death13 January 1952She died on 13 January 1952 at age 70 Mary (Wolthers) Bodendein obituary.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 14 Jan 1952 - Mary (Wolthers) Bodendein obituary

Child of Mary Wolthers and Paul Bodendein

Paul Bodendein

M, b. 6 March 1859, d. 24 March 1955
Life EventDateDescription
MarriagePaul Bodendein married Mary Wolthers.
Birth6 March 1859Paul Bodendein was born on 6 March 1859.
Death24 March 1955He died on 24 March 1955 at age 96.

Child of Paul Bodendein and Mary Wolthers

Margaret M. E. (?)

F, b. 21 April 1884, d. 24 July 1934
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Namebefore 1907As of before 1907,her married name was Knudtson.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth21 April 1884Margaret M. E. (?) was born on 21 April 1884.
Marriagebefore 1907She married Joseph Anuel Knudtson before 1907.
Death24 July 1934Margaret M. E. (?) died on 24 July 1934 at age 50.

Conrad Peter Friedrich Meyer

M, b. 24 May 1843, d. 22 February 1890
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageConrad Peter Friedrich Meyer married Wilhelmina Hartig.
Birth24 May 1843Conrad Peter Friedrich Meyer was born on 24 May 1843 at Germany.
Death22 February 1890He died on 22 February 1890 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 46.

Children of Conrad Peter Friedrich Meyer and Wilhelmina Hartig

Wilhelmina Hartig

F, b. 7 July 1851, d. 26 February 1890
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Meyer.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageWilhelmina Hartig married Conrad Peter Friedrich Meyer.
Birth7 July 1851Wilhelmina Hartig was born on 7 July 1851 at Germany.
Death26 February 1890She died on 26 February 1890 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 38.

Children of Wilhelmina Hartig and Conrad Peter Friedrich Meyer

William A. Dornfeld

M, b. 1932, d. 1980
Life EventDateDescription
Birth1932William A. Dornfeld was born in 1932.
Death1980He died in 1980.

Norman A. Stoltz

M, b. 30 November 1926, d. 28 November 2003
Life EventDateDescription
Birth30 November 1926Norman A. Stoltz was born on 30 November 1926 at Richland, Wisconsin.
Death28 November 2003He died on 28 November 2003 at Richland, Wisconsin, at age 76 Norman A. Stoltz, age 76, of Richland Center, died Friday, Nov. 28, 2003, at Pine Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Richland Center.

Norman was born on Nov. 30, 1926, in Ithaca township, son of the late Carl and Helen (Grober) Stoltz. e married Connie Dederich on May 7, 1955, at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Loreto. She survives.

Norman was a dairy farmer all his life and a proud veteran of World War II serving in the United States Army.

Besides his loving wife, Connie Stoltz, Richland Center, he is survived by four sons, James (Shirley) Stoltz, Muscoda, Thomas Stoltz, Richland Center, Daniel (Kathy) Stoltz, LaValle, and Timothy (Rene) Stoltz, Richland Center; three daughters, Jean Krotzman, Richland Center, Mary Strasser, Reedsburg, and Amy (Jerry) McGinn, LaValle; nine grandchildren and a step-granddaughter; three sisters, Eleanor (Galen) Zajicck, Prairie du Sac, Beverly Marklein, Prairie du Sac, and Patricia Rinard, Sun City, Ariz; other relatives and friends.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2003, at ST. MARY CATHOLIC CHURCH, Richland Center. Father Emmanuel Famiyeh will preside. Burial will be in Dayton Corners Cemetery where military graveside services will be performed by the local Veterans Military Memorial Honors Unit.

Addie Lunn Ward

F, b. 1866, d. 12 March 1956
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Prouty.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageAddie Lunn Ward married Albert Prouty, son of Reverand Andrew Leal Prouty and Delilah Truax.
Birth1866Addie Lunn Ward was born in 1866.
Death12 March 1956She died on 12 March 1956.

Child of Addie Lunn Ward and Albert Prouty

Roy W. Prouty

M, b. 1893, d. 28 October 1957
Father*Albert Prouty b. 1866, d. 1 Jun 1923
Mother*Addie Lunn Ward b. 1866, d. 12 Mar 1956
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageRoy W. Prouty married Mildred A. Hart.
Birth1893Roy W. Prouty was born in 1893.
He was the son of Albert Prouty and Addie Lunn Ward.
Death28 October 1957Roy W. Prouty died on 28 October 1957.

Mildred A. Hart

F, b. 1894, d. 1983
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Prouty.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageMildred A. Hart married Roy W. Prouty, son of Albert Prouty and Addie Lunn Ward.
Birth1894Mildred A. Hart was born in 1894.
Death1983She died in 1983.

Stanley Herbert Premo

M, b. 31 May 1906, d. 3 November 1991
Father*William H. Premo b. May 1867, d. 1944
Mother*Nellie H. J. Shaw b. Jan 1874, d. 1960
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 01 May 1956 - Stanley Herbert Premo - Pure oil dealer
Life EventDateDescription
Birth31 May 1906Stanley Herbert Premo was born on 31 May 1906 at Sauk, Wisconsin.
He was the son of William H. Premo and Nellie H. J. Shaw.
Death3 November 1991Stanley Herbert Premo died on 3 November 1991 at Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 85.

Albert Frank Schulz

M, b. 22 August 1877, d. 24 September 1959
Father*George Friedrich Wilhelm Schulz b. 13 Oct 1851, d. 27 Apr 1930
Mother*Marie J. E. Goetsch b. 10 Feb 1854, d. 18 Dec 1887
Albert Frank Schulz 1959
Life EventDateDescription
Birth22 August 1877Albert Frank Schulz was born on 22 August 1877 at Sauk, Wisconsin.
He was the son of George Friedrich Wilhelm Schulz and Marie J. E. Goetsch.
Death24 September 1959Albert Frank Schulz died on 24 September 1959 at Baraboo, Sauk, Wisconsin, at age 82.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin) 26 Sep 1959 - Albert F Schulz obituary