Keith K. Wiegman

M, b. 22 November 1937, d. 15 January 2017
Father*Leonard Weigman b. 27 Apr 1893, d. 10 May 1972
Mother*Leona Brant b. Aug 1897, d. 1964
Life EventDateDescription
Birth22 November 1937Keith K. Wiegman was born on 22 November 1937 at Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa.
He was the son of Leonard Weigman and Leona Brant.
Death15 January 2017Keith K. Wiegman died on 15 January 2017 at age 79.

Edvegen M. Begger

F, b. 15 July 1925, d. 6 May 2022
Edvegen Marie (Begger) Abraham
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name22 January 1945As of 22 January 1945,her married name was Abraham.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth15 July 1925Edvegen M. Begger was born on 15 July 1925 at Montana.
Marriage22 January 1945She married Harold Sever Abraham, son of Olaf Ingaman Abraham and Charlotte Doblar, on 22 January 1945.
Death6 May 2022Edvegen M. Begger died on 6 May 2022 at age 96 Edvegen "Edie" Abraham, age 96, of Beach, ND, passed away on Friday, May 6, 2022 at the Golden Valley Manor with Judy, Mary and John by her side and under hospice care. Visitation will be held from 6:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M. on Monday, May 9, 2022 with a Vigil Service at 7:00 P.M. at St. John's Catholic Church in Beach. Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at St. John's Catholic Church with Father Dan Berg officiating. Rite of Committal will follow services at St. John's Catholic Cemetery in Beach. Silha Funeral Home of Beach has been entrusted with the arrangements.
Edie was born on July 15, 1925 on the Begger farmstead near St. Philips, MT, south of Wibaux, MT. She was the daughter of John and Helen (Watembach) Begger and had ten siblings. Edie graduated from Wibaux High School in 1943.
Edie worked at the Wibaux Bank from 1943-1945. She met her husband, Harold during that time and they married January 22, 1945 at St. Philips Catholic Church south of Wibaux. They were married forty-six years, until Harold's death November 21, 1991. Edie was a mom of six children, had twenty grandchildren and forty-one great grandchildren. She could tell you their birthdates from memory. In fact, Edie's greatest attribute was her memory up until her death and was a great historian of past and present events. Edie was a devoted farm wife and homemaker. She loved raising chickens, selling eggs, and cream from the cows that they milked, gardening and flowers. Edie loved playing pinochle and whist, entertaining for family and friends, and being involved in her kids and grandkids lives. She was as important to them as they were to her. She was extremely proud of them all and their accomplishments.
After Harold's death, Edie stayed on at the farm until 1997, when she went by bus to stay three months with Judy during her liver transplant. In 1998, she moved off the farm to Beach where she enjoyed outings at the Senior Center, volunteering for Meals on Wheels, Bingo at the Manor, and was a dedicated adorer at St. John's Catholic Church when they opened their chapel. She loved her Catholic faith and watched EWTN faithfully and attended St. John's Church. Edie was Clerk of Township Board in Beach for twenty-eight years and on the Council of Aging. In 2007, she moved to Sturgis, SD to be close to Judy, and returned to Beach to live at the Manor in 2012. Edie loved the Manor and the staff and called it home.
Edie was preceded in death by her husband, Harold; daughter, Marlys; son-in-law, Conrad Baumstarck; grandson, Kyle Baumstarck; her parents, John and Helen Begger; six brothers, Louis, Edmund (Cecelia), Leonard (Betty), Dominic (Margaret), David and Ralph and three sisters, Elizabeth Brungard, Florence Finneman, and Sally Bachmeir.

Doris Evelyn Goodale

F, b. 12 May 1939, d. 2 December 2009
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name5 August 1961As of 5 August 1961,her married name was Abraham.
Married Name12 October 1985As of 12 October 1985,her married name was Kier.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth12 May 1939Doris Evelyn Goodale was born on 12 May 1939 at North Dakota.
Marriage5 August 1961She married Duane Oliver Abraham, son of Olaf Ingaman Abraham and Charlotte Doblar, on 5 August 1961 at Dawson, Montana.
Divorce7 May 1984Doris Evelyn Goodale and Duane Oliver Abraham were divorced on 7 May 1984.
Death2 December 2009Doris Evelyn Goodale died on 2 December 2009 at age 70 Doris Kier of Sun City, AZ, was called to Heaven on Sat. Dec. 2, 2009, after a very long battle with cancer. She was born in Fairfield, ND, on May 12, 1939 and graduated from Beach, ND. She worked as a Dental Assistant and Medical Administration for Kaiser Permanente in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR. She retired in 1997 and moved to Sun City, AZ, in 1999. Doris was very active in the Wotnenk Golf Club at Royal Oaks Country club in Vancouver, WA. She ran big golf tournaments. Doris loved her family, friends and aimed living to the highest level. We will all miss her, she will always be with us! Doris left behind her loving husband Newt Kier and grown children: Mike Abraham, Jacquie Johns, Lanine Kelly, Lynn Kier, Ann Kier, Kay Kier and Gina Whitcher, also 13 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Doris came from a family of eight children of which survivors are: Marge Knight, Shirley Jacobsen and Joan Jacobsen.

Carol Jean Abraham

F, b. 6 July 1949, d. 11 October 2006
Father*Kenneth Anthony Abraham b. 10 Jan 1924, d. 26 Jul 1972
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name26 April 1968As of 26 April 1968,her married name was Brodala.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth6 July 1949Carol Jean Abraham was born on 6 July 1949 at Beach, Golden, North Dakota.
She was the daughter of Kenneth Anthony Abraham.
Marriage26 April 1968Carol Jean Abraham married Robert D. Brodala on 26 April 1968 at Washington.
Death11 October 2006Carol Jean Abraham died on 11 October 2006 at Columbia, Oregon, at age 57.

Robert D. Brodala

Life EventDateDescription
Marriage26 April 1968Robert D. Brodala married Carol Jean Abraham, daughter of Kenneth Anthony Abraham, on 26 April 1968 at Washington.

John L. Thurston

M, b. circa 1946, d. 16 October 2013
Life EventDateDescription
Birthcirca 1946John L. Thurston was born circa 1946 at Portland, Oregon.
Death16 October 2013He died on 16 October 2013.

Ernest W. McGee

M, b. circa 1927
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationErnest W. McGee was also known as McFee.
Life EventDateDescription
Birthcirca 1927Ernest W. McGee was born circa 1927 at Canada.
Marriage3 July 1954He married Aldryth Jewel Abraham, daughter of Selmar Abraham and Marie Louise Helm, on 3 July 1954 at Chelan, Washington, he is listed as divorced; she is single.

James Elbert Isaacs

M, b. 6 April 1933, d. 4 February 2006
Life EventDateDescription
Birth6 April 1933James Elbert Isaacs was born on 6 April 1933.
Marriage15 February 1954He married Ione Marie Abraham, daughter of Selmar Abraham and Marie Louise Helm, on 15 February 1954 at Washington.
Death4 February 2006James Elbert Isaacs died on 4 February 2006 at age 72.

Frank Bolton Stansell

M, b. 20 July 1924, d. 9 January 2000
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationFrank Bolton Stansell was also known as Stansel.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth20 July 1924Frank Bolton Stansell was born on 20 July 1924 at Seattle, King, Washington.
Marriage3 May 1951He married Verna Mae Abraham, daughter of Selmar Abraham and Marie Louise Helm, on 3 May 1951 at King, Washington.
DivorceFebruary 1970Frank Bolton Stansell and Verna Mae Abraham were divorced in February 1970 at Los Angeles City, California.
Marriage26 October 1973Frank Bolton Stansell married Verna Mae Abraham, daughter of Selmar Abraham and Marie Louise Helm, on 26 October 1973 at Snohomish, Washington.
Divorce9 March 1977Frank Bolton Stansell and Verna Mae Abraham were divorced on 9 March 1977 at Snohomish, Washington, Number of Children:     3.
Death9 January 2000Frank Bolton Stansell died on 9 January 2000 at age 75.

Child of Frank Bolton Stansell and Verna Mae Abraham

Mary A. Thompson

F, b. 20 April 1937, d. 28 April 2008
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name1983As of 1983,her married name was Abraham.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth20 April 1937Mary A. Thompson was born on 20 April 1937 at Kentucky.
Marriage1983She married Orve Earl Abraham, son of Selmar Abraham and Marie Louise Helm, in 1983.
Death28 April 2008Mary A. Thompson died on 28 April 2008 at Alabama at age 71.

Sharon Marie Stansell

F, b. 11 May 1952, d. 14 December 2006
Father*Frank Bolton Stansell b. 20 Jul 1924, d. 9 Jan 2000
Mother*Verna Mae Abraham b. 5 Jan 1930, d. 9 Jan 2010
Sharon Marie Stansell
Life EventDateDescription
Birth11 May 1952Sharon Marie Stansell was born on 11 May 1952.
She was the daughter of Frank Bolton Stansell and Verna Mae Abraham.
Death14 December 2006Sharon Marie Stansell died on 14 December 2006 at age 54.

Linda Marie Casper

F, b. 24 July 1944, d. 6 February 2008
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name14 January 1983As of 14 January 1983,her married name was Abraham.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth24 July 1944Linda Marie Casper was born on 24 July 1944.
Marriage14 January 1983She married Norbert Alverne Abraham, son of Selmar Abraham and Marie Louise Helm, on 14 January 1983 at Snohomish, Washington.
Divorce11 September 1986Linda Marie Casper and Norbert Alverne Abraham were divorced on 11 September 1986 at Chelan, Washington.
Death6 February 2008Linda Marie Casper died on 6 February 2008 at age 63.

Virginia Ruth Moore

F, b. 21 April 1929, d. 7 January 2016
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name14 October 1947As of 14 October 1947,her married name was Houck.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth21 April 1929Virginia Ruth Moore was born on 21 April 1929 at North Dakota.
Marriage14 October 1947She married Roy Stewart Houck, son of Jesse Eugene Houck and Lizzie Ingaborg Abraham, on 14 October 1947.
Death7 January 2016Virginia Ruth Moore died on 7 January 2016 at Montana at age 86.

Elizabeth Braun

F, b. 11 May 1924, d. 21 February 2003
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationElizabeth Braun was also known as Betty.
Married Name1947As of 1947,her married name was Houck.
Married Name2 April 1951As of 2 April 1951,her married name was Allen.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth11 May 1924Elizabeth Braun was born on 11 May 1924 at North Dakota.
Marriage1947She married William Jesse Houck, son of Jesse Eugene Houck and Lizzie Ingaborg Abraham, in 1947.
Marriage2 April 1951Elizabeth Braun married Henry Allen on 2 April 1951.
Death21 February 2003Elizabeth Braun died on 21 February 2003 at North Dakota at age 78.

Child of Elizabeth Braun and William Jesse Houck

Henry Allen

M, b. 1925, d. 2010
Life EventDateDescription
Birth1925Henry Allen was born in 1925.
Marriage2 April 1951He married Elizabeth Braun on 2 April 1951.
Death2010Henry Allen died in 2010.

Karen Marie Houck

F, b. 27 April 1948, d. 14 March 2011
Father*William Jesse Houck b. 13 Jun 1923, d. 18 Jun 1949
Mother*Elizabeth Braun b. 11 May 1924, d. 21 Feb 2003
Name TypeDateDescription
Name VariationKaren Marie Houck was also known as Allen adopted by step-dad.
Married Name1970As of 1970,her married name was Kaufmann.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth27 April 1948Karen Marie Houck was born on 27 April 1948 at North Dakota.
She was the daughter of William Jesse Houck and Elizabeth Braun.
Marriage1970Karen Marie Houck married Jerry Kaufmann in 1970.
Death14 March 2011Karen Marie Houck died on 14 March 2011 at California at age 62.

Jerry Kaufmann

Life EventDateDescription
Marriage1970Jerry Kaufmann married Karen Marie Houck, daughter of William Jesse Houck and Elizabeth Braun, in 1970.

Carl Allen

M, b. 24 January 1927, d. 21 December 1992
Life EventDateDescription
Birth24 January 1927Carl Allen was born on 24 January 1927 at North Dakota.
Marriage1951He married Margaret Ann Houck, daughter of Jesse Eugene Houck and Lizzie Ingaborg Abraham, in 1951.
Death21 December 1992Carl Allen died on 21 December 1992 at North Dakota at age 65.

Child of Carl Allen and Margaret Ann Houck

Gene Webster Allen

M, b. 23 August 1956, d. 2 September 2018
Father*Carl Allen b. 24 Jan 1927, d. 21 Dec 1992
Mother*Margaret Ann Houck b. 2 May 1931, d. 1 Feb 2012
Life EventDateDescription
Birth23 August 1956Gene Webster Allen was born on 23 August 1956 at North Dakota.
He was the son of Carl Allen and Margaret Ann Houck.
Death2 September 2018Gene Webster Allen died on 2 September 2018 at North Dakota at age 62.

Betty Louise White

F, b. 23 January 1930, d. 2004
Name TypeDateDescription
Married Name19 June 1948As of 19 June 1948,her married name was Pedersen.
Life EventDateDescription
Birth23 January 1930Betty Louise White was born on 23 January 1930 at Montana.
Marriage19 June 1948She married Clarence Sidney Pedersen, son of Sigurd Pedersen and Ollie Oline Abraham, on 19 June 1948.
Death2004Betty Louise White died in 2004.

Raymond Wendell Libby

M, b. 11 March 1917, d. 14 July 1980
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageRaymond Wendell Libby married Lillian Van Dam, daughter of William Van Dam and Martha Bult.
Birth11 March 1917Raymond Wendell Libby was born on 11 March 1917 at Iowa.
Death14 July 1980He died on 14 July 1980 at Minnesota at age 63.

Lyle W. Croon

M, b. 16 June 1921, d. 1 September 2011
Life EventDateDescription
Birth16 June 1921Lyle W. Croon was born on 16 June 1921 at Iowa.
Marriage19 December 1942He married Bernice Vandam, daughter of William Van Dam and Martha Bult, on 19 December 1942.
Death1 September 2011Lyle W. Croon died on 1 September 2011 at South Dakota at age 90.

Donald J. Van Dam

M, b. 24 February 1933, d. 10 March 2013
Father*William Van Dam b. 23 Sep 1891, d. 16 Jul 1957
Mother*Martha Bult b. 30 Oct 1897, d. Mar 1975
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageDonald J. Van Dam married Lorraine (?).
Birth24 February 1933Donald J. Van Dam was born on 24 February 1933 at South Dakota.
He was the son of William Van Dam and Martha Bult.
Death10 March 2013Donald J. Van Dam died on 10 March 2013 at age 80.

Lorraine (?)

F, b. 1922
Name TypeDateDescription
Married NameHer married name was Van Dam.
Life EventDateDescription
MarriageLorraine (?) married Donald J. Van Dam, son of William Van Dam and Martha Bult.
Birth1922Lorraine (?) was born in 1922.

Gilbert Merlin Kjos

M, b. 30 December 1944, d. 9 April 2021
Father*Gilbert O. Kjos b. 9 May 1893, d. Dec 1964
Mother*Dorothy Hebeler b. 26 Jul 1909, d. Sep 1994
Gilbert Merlin Kjos
Life EventDateDescription
Birth30 December 1944Gilbert Merlin Kjos was born on 30 December 1944.
He was the son of Gilbert O. Kjos and Dorothy Hebeler.
Death9 April 2021Gilbert Merlin Kjos died on 9 April 2021 at age 76 Gilbert Merlin Kjos, 76, of Sioux City passed away Friday, April 9, 2021 at his residence.

A Memorial Service will be held at 1:00 P.M. Saturday, May 22, 2021 at Morningside Bible Church, 6100 Morningside Ave. Sioux City, IA 51106. Arrangements are under the direction of Meyer Brothers Morningside Chapel. Online condolences may be given at

Gilbert was born December 30, 1944 in Sioux City, the son of Gilbert and Dorothy (Hebeler) Kjos. Gilbert married Sherry Martinson on November 5, 1972 in Spencer, Iowa. To this union, one daughter was born.

Gilbert first’s job was at the Walter Nash Grocery Store in Riverside, where he learned the skill of meat cutting. Gilbert then worked at Braunger Foods for 11 years, before moving to Cleghorn, Iowa to own and operate a Locker Plant. In 1986, the couple moved back to Sioux City where he worked with various Flea Markets and owned a lawn mowing business. Gilbert loved photography and was a regular attender of Morningside Bible Church.

Survivors include his wife Sherry Kjos of Sioux City; daughter Jeannette Kay Kjos of Minneapolis, MN; sister Doris Ann Abraham of Omaha, NE; and numerous nieces, nephews, great nieces, and great nephews.

Gilbert was preceded in death by his parents, half-brother Marvin Kjos, and brother-in-law Jerry Abraham.

Loren Knobloch

Father*Arthur Knobloch
Mother*Elgeva L. (?) b. 8 Nov 1928
Life EventDateDescription
Loren Knobloch was the son of Arthur Knobloch and Elgeva L. (?).

Roy Thomas Holm

M, b. 26 June 1918, d. 9 March 1991
Father*Christian J. Holm b. 18 Apr 1883, d. 9 Oct 1947
Mother*Eli Serine Monsdatter Eide b. 24 Oct 1886, d. 2 Mar 1938
Life EventDateDescription
Birth26 June 1918Roy Thomas Holm was born on 26 June 1918 at Minneapolis, Minnesota.
He was the son of Christian J. Holm and Eli Serine Monsdatter Eide.
Death9 March 1991Roy Thomas Holm died on 9 March 1991 at San Francisco, California, at age 72.
Census DateLocationDescription
1940Minneapolis, Hennepin, MinnesotaRoy Thomas Holm was listed as a son in Christian J. Holm's household on the 1940 Census at Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota.1


  1. [S373] U.S. Federal Census 1940 U.S. Federal Census, by, Year: 1940; Census Place: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota; Roll: m-t0627-01991; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 89-368.